We are a government-authorized person for citizenship by investment in St. Kitts & Nevis in the Caribbean. St. Kitts Citizenship.

    JH Marlin’s main office is in the beautiful Caribbean island of Nevis in the twin island country of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Nevis, known also as the jewel of the Caribbean has great offshore laws. The St. Kitts Citizenship & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program established in 1984 is the longest established program of its kind in the world. 


    Establishing residency in a country may allow you to live, work and travel within your country of residence.

    Citizenship By Investment

    A second passport issued by a citizenship by investment program can be a way of securing visa-free travel for a lifetime.


    JH Marlin is a proud supporter of the development of sports and Special Olympics Programs.

    Practice Areas

    JH MARLIN’s clients range from individuals to international corporations. We apply an integrated and innovative approach to assisting clients across different practices and industries.

    We have done a wide range of legal work from conducting pro-bono work for the World Bank to advising on the acquisition of banks in the Caribbean.


    Citizenship by Investment: Our Services & Expertise

    At JH Marlin, we are at the forefront of facilitating citizenship through investment, offering a pathway to not only a second passport but also a future of enhanced global mobility and security. Our expertise extends to navigating citizenship by investment programs, providing clients with options for direct investment in real estate or contributing to national development funds. This approach ensures visa-free travel access, potential tax benefits, and a reduction in tax burdens for individuals and businesses alike.

    With a focus on due diligence, we meticulously evaluate investment opportunities, ensuring they meet the minimum investment thresholds while offering significant benefits such as dual citizenship, residency rights for dependent parents and children, and a solid foundation for future generations. Our commitment to integrity and excellence positions us as a trusted partner in achieving your goals of acquiring a second citizenship, fostering capital gains, and securing a legacy of opportunities for you and your family.

    Dual Citizenship

    Dual citizenship offers not just the flexibility to live across borders but opens up avenues for dual legal rights, allowing individuals and their families to benefit from the social, economic, and educational systems of two countries. This status enhances one’s ability to diversify their lifestyle and investment portfolio, offering a solid foundation for both personal and financial planning.

    Visa-Free Travel

    Visa-free travel significantly broadens your horizon, granting you the privilege to explore, conduct business, or even reside in numerous countries without the hassle of visa applications. This unparalleled access is a testament to the global mobility that comes with citizenship by investment, reducing barriers to international opportunities and fostering a global citizenry mindset.

    Investment Growth

    Investment growth through citizenship by investment programs often involves direct contributions to national funds or real estate investments, paving the way for substantial economic contributions to the host country. These investments not only fuel the country’s development but also open potential avenues for investors to reap financial benefits, contributing to a sustainable growth model that benefits all parties involved.

    Enhanced Global Mobility

    Enhanced global mobility is a critical advantage, offering a streamlined approach to global access and easing the complexities of international travel. This mobility extends to business opportunities, allowing for a more agile response to global market trends and facilitating international partnerships and expansions.

    Security for Future Generations

    Security for future generations ensures that your children inherit the benefits of your investments, including superior education options, healthcare access, and an overall enhanced quality of life. This generational security is a cornerstone of citizenship by investment, ensuring that your family enjoys the rights and privileges of your chosen country of citizenship.

    Tax Optimization

    Tax optimization emerges as a strategic benefit, allowing individuals to navigate through potentially favorable tax regimes. This can mean a significant reduction in the overall tax burden, optimizing your financial landscape through careful planning and the selection of suitable investment options.

    Additional Benefits

    Additional benefits await as citizenship by investment programs offer a plethora of opportunities beyond the immediate advantages. From obtaining residency and permanent residence through real estate purchases to exploring alternative citizenship options that align with your lifestyle and financial goals, the possibilities are vast. These programs provide a structured path towards acquiring citizenship in return for a financial contribution, be it through a real estate purchase, a donation to a national development fund, or an investment in local projects, offering a tangible impact on both the individual and the community.

    St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment

    St. Kitts & Nevis offers a robust citizenship program, allowing for visa-free travel and a stable investment environment. Investors can contribute to the nation’s prosperity through real estate investment or donations.

    Antigua Citizenship by Investment

    The Antiguan program focuses on real estate investment and donations, granting citizenship and tax benefits, fostering a connection with the Caribbean’s rich heritage and lifestyle.

    Grenada Citizenship by Investment

    Grenada’s program includes options for direct investment, offering access to business opportunities and residency rights, along with a passport that opens doors globally.

    Dominica Citizenship by Investment

    Dominica’s citizenship by investment program is tailored for families and individuals seeking Caribbean passports through contributions to the country’s economic diversification.

    St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment

    St. Lucia offers a citizenship option emphasizing real estate investment, attracting foreign investors with its competitive economic landscape and visa-free access.

    Malta Citizenship by Investment

    Malta’s program extends into the European Union, providing a gateway to European residency and citizenship through investment in the local economy and real estate market.

    Turkey Citizenship by Investment

    Turkey’s unique citizenship by investment program offers a blend of Eastern and Western benefits, with a simple application process for property investors.

    Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

    Vanuatu provides one of the fastest citizenship pathways with its streamlined application process and minimal investment requirements, appealing to global investors.

    Montenegro Citizenship by Investment

    Montenegro’s program includes European residency with an attractive financial contribution model, promoting investment in burgeoning sectors and residential properties.

    These programs provide a spectrum of benefits, from visa-free travel to financial growth, each with its unique investment requirements and advantages for the discerning citizen investor. Moreover, JH Marlin also provides assistance with residency programs, offering alternative paths to living in these idyllic locations.

    Expertise in Citizenship by Investment

    JH Marlin offers unparalleled expertise in citizenship by investment programs, including those in St. Lucia and Grenada, ensuring clients navigate the investment landscape with an informed partner.

    Access to Prime Real Estate

    We guide clients through the intricacies of real estate investment in the Caribbean, unlocking opportunities for both personal enjoyment and economic diversification.

    Streamlined Process

    Our team efficiently manages all aspects of the application process, from handling fees and donations to facilitating visa-free travel, leveraging our extensive network within the OECS and beyond.

    Global Mobility

    Our clients enjoy the benefits of dual citizenship, including golden visas and Caribbean passports, which open doors to visa-free travel and potential tax advantages.

    Commitment to Clients

    At JH Marlin, we prioritize your long-term goals, offering solutions for permanent residence, ensuring the security and prosperity of future generations, and navigating treaties and international agreements with expertise.

    Exploring visa-free travel benefits of Caribbean passports

    Caribbean passports unlock unparalleled visa-free access, facilitating travel for individuals and their families to various countries without the need for a visa. This advantage streamlines international movement, making Caribbean citizenship an attractive option for those seeking ease and efficiency in global exploration, particularly appealing due to the diligence checks that ensure security and compliance in citizenship applications.

    Golden Visa and its advantages for global mobility

    The Golden Visa programs stand out for offering immigrant investors and their families the opportunity to gain residency or citizenship in European countries through investment options like real estate purchases. This initiative not only promises enhanced global mobility and visa-free access to numerous countries but also positions holders for potential tax benefits and access to alternative citizenship, marking a strategic choice for achieving affordable citizenship and broadening one’s international footprint.

    The role of investment in personal and national growth

    Investing channels funds into ventures that spur job creation and technological advancements, essential for societal progress and national economic expansion. Such investments, especially in Caribbean citizenship programs or real estate, offer dual benefits: enhancing personal wealth through potential tax advantages and contributing to the host country’s development. This symbiosis between individual and national growth underscores the value of foreign investment and citizenship by investment programs in boosting infrastructure and quality of life.

    The importance of diversification in investment portfolios

    Diversification, a key strategy in investment, minimizes risks and maximizes returns by allocating assets across different sectors, including Caribbean real estate and business ventures. This strategy protects investors from market volatility and opens growth opportunities in emerging markets. For those seeking alternative citizenship, diversification through citizenship investment programs can secure financial stability and offer benefits like visa-free access, making it a strategic choice for investors and their dependent children, aiming for a balanced portfolio and long-term financial security.

    Analyzing the fastest citizenship options through investment

    Select citizenship by investment programs can expedite the journey to a second passport, sometimes in just a few months. These pathways often require an investment in the host country, through means like purchasing residential property or making a non-refundable contribution to government funds, offering families—children and parents alike—swift access to new citizenship. This fast option not only facilitates international travel but also opens doors to economic benefits and tax efficiencies.

    Balancing speed with investment amounts and benefits

    The appeal of quickly obtained citizenship necessitates a careful consideration of investment size against the perks. The fastest routes, while possibly demanding a higher financial commitment, are designed to offer rich rewards, from visa-free access to enhanced global mobility and potential tax savings. Undertaking a diligent process to evaluate these programs is crucial, ensuring that investors, especially those with dependent children, navigate towards options that align not just with financial, but also with personal aspirations, including the desire for educational and healthcare advancements.