8 Best Hiking Excursions in St. Lucia 

1. Belle Vue

This collection of hidden waterfalls is not to be overlooked.  At the end of a rope-clad descent through thick jungle, is a beautiful river valley where you will encounter multiple shoots gushing from the caves and cliff above. The journey continues as you scale boulders along the cold clear river bed to the main waterfall and pool.


2 miles (3.2km) 

2-3 hours round trip 



2. Gross Piton

Begin your ascent from any point at Fond Gens Libre (Valley of the Free People) named after a settlement of runaway slaves who hid from their British captors in caves dotted across the hillside.  The trail to the apex of Gross Piton flanks the edge of the peak and hikers enjoy a carousel of sights like the Petite Peak and views of the Caribbean sea.  

A tour takes 4-6 hours round trip through the eclectic eco-system that decorates its cone.  Scale past clinging cacti, through the whimsically named ‘Elfen Woodland’ to crops of giant palms and wild tobacco. A journey to the panoramic pinnacle can be arduous but luckily cascading waterfalls offer you a place to cool off and there are thoughtfully placed rest stops for you to pause, catch your breath and admire the scenery.


2.9 miles (4.7km), 

4-6 hours round trip 


3. Petit Piton

The journey to the top of the smaller and more ferocious of the twin pitons is certain to be reckoned with. Starting with a steady trek up a moderate incline through rocky ghauts and woody brush; it suddenly becomes a muddy scrabble up the precarious crag requiring you to clutch tree roots, grapple ropes and wriggle through narrow stone slits. 

Needless to say, it’s a feat for the more athletic adventurer but one should still consider taking a cold bath after this half day workout.  Once you make it to the tiny apex, the views are unrivaled, even for St. Lucia.


0.99 miles (1.6km)

3-4 hours round trip 


4. Pigeon Island National Park

The once isolated Pigeon Island barely off the coast of St. Lucia is home to the 44 acre national reserve and features two history-filled hikes. The first part brings you 250 ft up Fort Rodney which is home to a 300 yr old fortress and soldier barracks. 

You can choose to stop there or carry on to the more difficult (330 ft) Signal Hill where the infamous French pirate François le Clerc staved off British ships in the 1700s from his vantage point on the bluff.  Complete with cannons and awesome views the national landmark is the perfect place to get your Pirate on –minus the scurvy.


1.3 miles (2.1km)

2 hours round trip


5. Mount Pimard

Begin one of the island’s few mountain trails with a walk along a pebbled beach to the base of its incline. Use the safety rail placed center path for balance as you tread the rocky path, passing hillside woodland. The glistening waters of the ocean below are visible through the brush as you make your way to a small wooden gazebo and take in crisp views of The Pitons and the rest of St. Lucia off into the distance. 

Go further and you pass a cute fish pond and some abandoned world war II US military food bunkers; emerge to the summit to greet 360 views of the island, including the beautiful Rodney Bay. The hike can get tricky the higher you go, especially if it rains. Nevertheless, it is considered very easy and doable for all ages and fitness levels.


1.7 miles (2.7km) 

2 hours round trip 


6. Piton Flore Trail

Head to Southeast Castries and enter the jungle from the Forestiere village.  Follow a downward sloping, muddy trail that showcases the island’s wildlife including various species of snakes like the Boa Constrictor and the poisonous ‘Fer-de-lance’ (Tête Chien). Look up and you might spot the endangered ‘Amazon Versicolor’; a blue and green parrot indigenous to St. Lucia only.


1.8 miles (2.9km)

2 hours 


7. Tet Paul Nature Trail

For an easy-going trail try the Tet Paul Nature Trail. The 45 min path is on a narrow ridge lined with about 100 crude but sturdy steps that lead to a wooden platform. From there, both sides of the ridge offer bold and airy views of St. Lucia’s undulating canopy with a full view of The Pitons to your right and Mt.Gimi on the left.


0.62 miles (1 km)

45 mins to 1 hour round trip 



The lush rainforest, waterfalls and beautiful beaches and aren’t the only things attracting visitors to St. Lucia, Find out why more people are making the Caribbean island of St. Lucia a part of their own personal legacy.

Contributor : Simone




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