8 Best Hiking Trails in St. Kitts & Nevis

Exploring the terrain on both islands is always enjoyable. Witness families of Green Vervet monkeys, colonies of fruit bats and white-tailed deer frolicking around as you traverse rich foliage, climb dormant volcanoes and explore old ruins. Some trails can be more of a climb than a hike but there is something to be seen no matter the difficulty. 

A sturdy pair of sneakers, climbing gloves and plenty of water are advised for more vigorous trails. Hiking tours last between 1.5 to 5 hrs. Guides are friendly and knowledgeable so arranging for one to go with you is highly recommended.

Here Is a List of The Best Trails on St. Kitts and Nevis -by Island:


1. Hike Up Nevis Peak, Peak Haven

Emerge into cloud cover 3,232 ft above sea level. The journey up Nevis Peak can be relegated to a spirited walk halfway up the muddy, fern-lined path but most choose to complete the 1.5-hour trek to the top, which entails some actual rock climbing complete with rope and root grappling. It takes a little less time and effort to get down but can be very slippery especially during the rainy season.   

3 hours round trip

1.8 miles (2.9km)


2. The Nevis Water Source, Golden Rock 

This next hiking option to do in Nevis brings you to the island’s oldest freshwater source to the inlet of an antiquated pipeline erected by the British in the 17th century. It was a remarkable engineering feat for its time, reaching to 1700 ft above sea level. A hike to the top is flush with greenery and you will work up a good sweat, luckily there is a small pond at the top where you can cool off before heading back. 

3 hours roundtrip

5 miles (8.05 km)


3. The Nevis Waterfalls

The island’s tiny rainforest has even more delights in store for the avid nature lover – Waterfalls!  Another ascending trail leads to several miniature chutes positioned one above the other. You can have a dip in the cool water of the first pond for a quick refresh before you head up to the rest of the terraced falls. You’ll have to do a bit of climbing for the rest of the 1,057 ft long trail to see them all.

3 hours roundtrip

1.7 miles (6.11km)


St. Kitts

4. Hike to the Soufriere at Mt. Liamigua, Newton Ground Village

Views of neighboring islands to the north greet you when you emerge 3,792 ft above sea level at the zenith of St. Kitts’s highest mountain and dormant volcano.  For the brave-hearted; grab a rope from the rim, head down into the crater and have a wade in the freshwater pond below, before heading back.

3-4 Hours Roundtrip

4.5 miles (7km)


5. Bat Cave and Waterfall, Challengers Village

Enter the lair of native fruit bats and discover hidden waterfalls after this tough hike.  The trail begins at an abandoned railroad bridge and follows ‘the Bloody River’ through the verdant foliage of the St. Kitts rainforest.  You’ll have to clear a massive boulder via a makeshift ladder, to get to the brooding bat cave and proceed to two lovely waterfalls trickling between mossy rock faces.

3-4 Hours Roundtrip

3.8 miles (6.11km)


6. Radio Tower, West Farm

For less of a sweat, take a sharply inclined walk up a thinly paved road to the Radio Tower 1800ft above sea level. Though named after the defunct tower itself, a not-so-well-defined trail leading to views of the Frigate Bay peninsula, Basseterre and sister island Nevis is the main highlight of this tour. 

2 to 3 hours roundtrip


7. Dos D’Anse Pond, Phillips Village

The challenging trek through dense greenery starts at Old Road Town winding over the muddy forest floor, across a mountain ridge and up a steep incline rewarding you with a hidden fern-lined pond and a shy waterfall 3000 ft up.

5 hours roundtrip

.78 miles (1.2km)


8. Shitten Bay Trail

This quick easy trail parallels the ocean as it meanders 272ft above sea level through the brush of the St. Kitts Peninsula, overlooking the Caribbean Sea and Nevis in the distance. While there, you might also catch a glimpse of the elusive white-tailed deer foraging along the rocky hillside, try not to mistake it for a mountain goat who may be dining there as well. The end of the trail is punctuated by a neat shipwreck on the pebbly bayside, which is also a great spot for snorkeling.

1 Hour

.5 miles (1.1km)


A sturdy pair of sneakers, climbing gloves and plenty of water are advised for more vigorous trails. Hiking tours last between 1 to 5 hours. Guides are friendly and knowledgeable so arranging for one to go with you is highly recommended. 

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Contributor : Simone




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