A Guide on Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment: Costs, Timeline & Process

The Republic of Vanuatu is a country located in the South Pacific Ocean. The country has always caught the world’s eye due to its breath-taking views, exciting Rocky Mountains, low plateaus, and of course, a never-ending body of clean, blue water filled with beautiful coral reefs.

During the surge in demand for second passports, prompted by people’s realization of the economic and social benefits it entails, one of the citizenship by investment programs that experienced a multifold growth was Vanuatu’s. Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment has gained quite some popularity due to its low costs, effortless process, and fastest timeline.

Vanuatu’s Citizenship Development Support Program started back in 2014 and, to this date, remains the only CIB in the Asia Pacific Hemisphere. All you need to do is invest in the country development fund in exchange for citizenship status.

Let me walk you through why choosing Vanuatu second passport will be an excellent idea for you: here are the benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program

Freedom of Movement:

The country is a part of the Commonwealth of Nations. So acquiring a second passport of Vanuatu will open access to visa-free travel to 129 other countries, including the big leagues, such as- UK, Russia, Singapore, and many more. This passport will be a ticket to smooth travels with no documents issues to keep you from waiting to board a plane.  

Not to forget, a Vanuatu passport allows you a stay in a Schengen country for up to 90 days without a visa. In the case of the UK, you can stay there for 6 months a year.  

No Tax!

The most significant selling point of gaining a Vanuatu passport is the relaxed tax regime the country follows. There is no tax levied on Income from any activity, Capital gains, inheritance, corporation, and capital export. There is no concept of withholding tax or sales tax. 

This tax regime makes Vanuatu an ideal location to put your next business idea in motion. With Vanuatu second passport, you can invest in the country without restrictions from your primary government.

The Better Way of Living

If you have had enough with the hectic city life and want to slow down a bit, Vanuatu can be just the place for you. 

Fresh air, clean water, roads peppered with trees, and a hassle-free life is promised in this land. No wonder the place is ranked among the four happiest places on Earth. It is untouched and remote, so if you are looking to lay low and enjoy the best of nature, this could be it. It is also politically stable and incredibly low on the crime rate. 

No Renouncement Needed

To acquire a passport for Vanuatu, you do not need to renounce citizenship from your home country. It allows dual citizenship.

Now that you are convinced Vanuatu is the country, let’s look at some facts about Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program facts

  • Fastest citizenship

After applying for a Vanuatu passport, you will be made a citizen within a month. Vanuatu’s is the fastest citizenship you can acquire anywhere in the world.

  • No need to visit the country

To acquire the Vanuatu second passport, you will not be asked to complete any residency years. More so, you will not be needed to fill out forms in person; the whole process can take place from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world that may be.

  • Confidentiality of the whole process

Once you apply, your home country will not be notified about the Vanuatu second passport procedure. You can become a Ni-Vanuatu without going through long processes of any type. 

  • Pay once approved

When applying for Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment, you will be required to pay only 25% of the total fees. The remaining dues can be settled once the application has been approved.

  • Citizenship for life

After the approval, you will become a lifetime citizen of Vanuatu. All you will need to do is renew the passport after 5 years. 

  • No citizenship test

Like other citizenship programs, you will not be tested on any languages or the history of Vanuatu. It is quite a seamless process.

  • The entire family is eligible.

You can apply with your parents, aged 65+, or with your spouse and children under 25.

  • Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment can be passed on.

You can pass on your Vanuatu citizenship to your children without any hassles. 

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Cost

One of the most significant reasons to go along with the process is the low-cost structure of citizenship by investment Program. Here is the investment you will need, and with it a few additional requirements: 

  • The non- refundable investment:
  • $130,000- Single applicant (18+ years)
  • $150,000- Married couple 
  • $165,000- Married couple with 1 child
  • $180,000- Married couple with 2 children

Additional dependents, parents or children, can be added $25000 each.

  • $5000- application fees, covers due diligence and government fees. 
  • $400- $250 for the passport application fee, $50 for citizenship commission, and $100 for certificate fee.
  • Additional requirements:
  • Applicants must prove assets amounting to $250,000.
  • There must be no prior criminal record.
  • Not open for citizens of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria, and North Korea, unless they can prove residency in another country for 5+ years.

How to Apply for Vanuatu Citizenship?

As discussed before, Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment application process is effortless; its steps include;

  • Appoint a government-approved agent to act on your behalf.
  • Send initial documents, a police check, and a $5000 fee for due diligence. There will be a background check carried by the Financial Intelligence Unit.
  • Once approved, send in the complete documents, including birth certificates, educational certificates, health checks, bank papers, etc., along with the full payment to start with the process.
  • Within 60 days, if you are approved, you are required to take an oath to obtain the paperwork for the passport. You can either fly out to Vanuatu yourself or fly in government officials to your place of residency. After the oath, you will be given the citizen Certificate and a second passport to Vanuatu.  

I know written on paper, this might seem a lot, but honestly, the Citizenship by Investment Program in Vanuatu is one of the easiest ones. Plus, it will be all over in a month, and you will soon have the passport to this Tropical Paradise.