Citizenship by Investment (CBI): How to Choose the Right Program for Your Family

Citizenship by investment program for families

Citizenship by investment (CBI) programs provide a unique opportunity for families seeking dual citizenship and greater mobility. As a government-authorized entity specializing in citizenship through investment, JH Marlin Law is committed to guiding families through this process. In this article, we share valuable insights into citizenship by investment options and explain how CBI can benefit families.

Citizenship by Investment Programs for Families

Secure citizenship for you and your family with JH Marlin Law. With decades of expertise, we offer tailored solutions for your particular needs. Whether you’re looking for a better life for your loved ones or the chance to expand your horizons, we have a solution for you. Benefit from our expertise and navigate the entire investment process seamlessly. Experience the ease of acquiring a second passport and securing your future today!

Citizenship by Investment Services

What Are the Benefits of Citizenship by Investment for Families?

Citizenship by Investment programs offer families a range of compelling benefits, from enhanced global mobility and residency to diverse investment opportunities and long-term financial advantages. These programs not only provide a pathway to a better lifestyle but also ensure a stable and prosperous future for future generations. Let’s explore the key advantages of CBI and how these programs can provide a better future for family members.

Enhanced Global Mobility and Travel Freedom

One of the most significant benefits of CBI programs is the access to visa-free travel. Holding a Caribbean passport, for example, allows families to travel visa-free or with visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries worldwide. This increased travel freedom is invaluable for both personal and business purposes, offering a cosmopolitan lifestyle that appeals to many.

Citizenship for Future Generations

CBI programs ensure that families can secure a stable and prosperous future in their new country of citizenship. Programs like the Maltese passport or Dominica citizenship offer a powerful passport that can significantly improve the quality of life for future generations.

Investment Opportunities

Families participating in CBI programs can choose from a variety of investment options that suit their financial goals and interests. Some examples include:

  • Real Estate Investments: Investing in residential property or commercial property is a common route. Government-approved properties provide a safe investment while fulfilling the program’s requirements. This real estate investment option often involves a minimum holding period, ensuring a long-term commitment and potential return on investment.
  • Financial Contributions: Many CBI programs require a financial contribution to national development funds or economic diversification efforts. For example, Antigua & Barbuda’s program includes contributions to the National Economic Fund, supporting the country’s economic stability and growth.
  • Business Development and Economic Opportunities: CBI programs often allow for substantial investments in local businesses or development projects. This can include participating in business visa programs which offer additional opportunities and avenues for investors.


Simplified Immigration Process with Licensed Agents

Navigating the immigration process can be complex, but working with a licensed agent simplifies it significantly. These agents provide expert guidance on the application routes, ensuring all documentation and application fees are correctly handled. They assist with the entire process, from the initial application to receiving the letter of approval.

Become a Global Citizen

Due Diligence and Background Checks

CBI programs maintain rigorous diligence processes to ensure only eligible individuals are granted citizenship. This includes comprehensive background checks and diligence checks to verify the criminal background, financial standing, and overall suitability of applicants. This thorough process upholds the integrity and security of the programs.

Flexible Residency Requirements

While some programs have specific residency requirements, many are minimal, allowing families to spend limited time in their new country of citizenship. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for individuals and families with global commitments. 

Reduced Tax Burden

One of the significant benefits of citizenship by investment is the reduced tax burden. Many countries offering citizenship through investment programs provide favorable tax regimes, including no taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, wealth, and inheritance. This can lead to substantial financial savings for investors, allowing them to maximize their wealth and protect their assets. Moreover, these tax benefits are often complemented by the ability to engage in global business activities without the heavy tax liabilities found in their home countries. As a result, citizenship by investment can be an effective strategy for high-net-worth individuals seeking to optimize their tax planning and enhance their financial privacy.

Access to Quality Education and Healthcare

Obtaining citizenship through CBI programs can open doors to high-quality education and healthcare systems in the new country of citizenship. This ensures that families have access to the best possible resources for their well-being and development.

Can I Access Healthcare and Education Benefits for My Family in a Country Where I Have Citizenship By Investment?

Popular Countries That Offer Citizenship by Investment Possibilities for Families

Citizenship by Investment programs provide families with unique opportunities to secure a second citizenship, offering enhanced global mobility, better lifestyle, and financial benefits. Each country has its specific requirements and advantages, making it important for families to carefully consider their options and choose the program that best aligns with their goals and needs. Let’s explore the CBI options for families in different countries:

St. Kitts & Nevis

Investment Options

  • Real Estate Investment: Families can invest in government-approved properties with a minimum holding period.
  • Sustainable Islant State Contribution (SISC): A non-refundable contribution to the SISC, benefiting the country’s infrastructure and economic growth.


  • Visa-Free Travel: Access to over 140 countries.
  • Family Inclusion: Spouses, children, and dependent parents can be included.


St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment

Antigua & Barbuda

Investment Options

  • National Development Fund (NDF): Non-refundable contribution.
  • Real Estate Investment: Purchase of approved properties.
  • Business Investment: Investment in local businesses.


  • Visa-Free Travel: Access to over 140 countries.
  • Family-Friendly: Includes a wide array of family members.
  • Residency Requirements: Minimal residency requirement of 5 days over the first five years of getting citizenship.


Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment


Investment Options

  • Grenada National Transformation Fund (NTF): Non-refundable donation.
  • Real Estate Investment: Investment in government-approved projects.


  • E-2 Visa Eligibility: Potential access to the United States through the E-2 Investor Treaty.
  • Visa-Free Travel: Travel to over 140 countries.
  • Education Opportunities: Access to top educational institutions.


Grenada Citizenship by Investment


Investment Options

  • Economic Diversification Fund (EDF): Non-refundable contribution.
  • Real Estate Investment: Purchase in government-approved projects.


  • Affordable Options: One of the most cost-effective CBI programs.
  • Natural Beauty: Live in a country known for its stunning landscapes.
  • Family Inclusion: Option to include spouse, children, and parents.


Dominica Citizenship by Investment

St. Lucia

Investment Options

  • National Economic Fund (NEF): Non-refundable contribution.
  • Real Estate Investment: Purchase of approved properties.
  • Government Bonds: Investment in interest-free government bonds.


  • Flexible Options: Multiple investment routes.
  • Visa-Free Travel: Access to over 140 countries.
  • Family-Friendly: Includes spouse, children, and parents.


St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment


Investment Options

  • Contribution to the National Development and Social Fund (NDSF): Applicants are required to make a significant non-refundable contribution to the NDSF.
  • Real Estate Investment or Lease: Applicants must commit to either purchasing or leasing a qualifying property in Malta.
  • Investment in Government Stocks, Bonds, or Debentures: Applicants may also invest in government-approved financial instruments.


  • EU Citizenship: Successful applicants and their families obtain Maltese citizenship, which grants them the right to live, work, and study in any European Union country.
  • Healthcare and Education: Malta offers high-quality healthcare and education systems, which are accessible to citizens.
  • Strong Passport: Maltese citizenship provides visa-free access to over 180 countries, including the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, and many others.


Malta Citizenship by Investment


Investment Options

  • Real Estate Investment: Purchase property with a minimum value.
  • Business Investment: Establish or invest in a Turkish company.
  • Bank Deposit: Deposit a substantial amount in a Turkish bank.


  • Fast Processing: Quick path to citizenship.
  • Strategic Location: Gateway between Europe and Asia.
  • Economic Growth: Dynamic investment environment.


Turkey Citizenship by Investment


Investment Options

  • Vanuatu Development Support Program (VDSP): Non-refundable contribution.


  • Speed: One of the fastest CBI programs.
  • Visa-Free Travel: Access to over 130 countries.
  • Tax Benefits: No income or wealth taxes.


Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

With the assistance of licensed agents and a clear understanding of the investment criteria, families can navigate the process successfully and enjoy the numerous benefits of their new citizenship.

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Acquiring Citizenship by Investment: Options and Business Opportunities for Foreign Nationals with Families

Citizenship by Investment programs offer diverse and flexible options for families seeking new opportunities and global mobility. Whether through real estate investments, financial contributions, business ventures, or cultural projects, these programs provide a pathway to a secure and prosperous future. By meeting the specific investment requirements and leveraging the expertise of licensed agents, families can navigate the CBI process successfully and enjoy the numerous benefits of their new citizenship.

Government-Approved Real Estate

Investing in government-approved real estate is a popular option for CBI applicants. This route requires a minimum investment amount in residential or commercial properties. The mandatory holding period ensures the investment’s long-term contribution to the host country’s economy.

  • Benefits: Visa-free entry to numerous countries, potential return on investment, and a relaxed lifestyle in vibrant locations.
  • Requirements: Minimum investment amounts, diligence fees, and government fees.

National Development Funds

Many countries offer CBI programs that include direct financial contributions to national development funds. These funds support various projects that drive economic development.

  • Benefits: Fast processing times, inclusion of family members, and no mandatory holding period.
  • Requirements: Non-refundable contribution, additional processing fees, and proof of financial stability.

Direct Investment in Businesses

CBI programs often provide options for direct investment in local businesses or starting new enterprises. This route is ideal for entrepreneurs and business investors.

  • Benefits: Access to business visa programs like the E-2 visa, potential green card eligibility in some cases, and fostering business opportunities in the host country.
  • Requirements: Minimum investment amounts, a solid business plan, and government approval.

Government Bonds and Financial Instruments

Investing in government bonds is a secure option for obtaining citizenship. This route involves purchasing bonds with a specified minimum holding period.

  • Benefits: Safe investment, potential returns, and eligibility for citizenship in return.
  • Requirements: Substantial investment amounts, holding period compliance, and payment of processing fees.

Joint Investment Options

Some CBI programs allow for joint investments, where multiple applicants can pool their resources to meet the investment criteria. This is particularly beneficial for larger families or groups of foreign nationals.

  • Benefits: Lower individual investment requirements, shared financial burden, and collective benefits for all investors.
  • Requirements: Adherence to joint investment agreements, combined investment amounts, and collective due diligence.

Should You Buy Real Estate or Donate? The Pros and Cons of Each Citizenship-by-Investment Option

Residency by Investment Programs

Residency by investment programs offer a pathway to citizenship after a specified period of residency. This option is suitable for families looking to gradually integrate into the host country. Nations that provide this option include:

Citizenship by Investment vs Residency By Investment – What is The Difference?

The Role of a Citizenship by Investment Attorney

A CBI attorney simplifies the citizenship by investment process for families by providing expert guidance, managing complex documentation, and ensuring compliance with legal standards. By streamlining the investment process and enhancing the chances of approval, a CBI attorney ensures that families can successfully navigate these programs and enjoy the numerous benefits of their new citizenship. Here’s how a CBI attorney can assist families looking to invest in these programs, ensuring a smooth and successful application.

Expertise and Guidance

Comprehensive Knowledge of Programs

CBI attorneys have extensive knowledge of different citizenship programs across various countries. They are well-versed in the requirements and benefits of programs in Caribbean nations, European countries like Malta and Greece, and island nations like Vanuatu.

Tailored Advice for Investors

A CBI attorney provides personalized advice tailored to the needs of single investors and families, ensuring that the chosen program aligns with their goals. Whether it’s a luxury property investment in the Caribbean or a financial contribution in Malta, they help identify the best option for investors. 

Simplifying the Application Process

Managing Documentation and Requirements

A CBI attorney handles all necessary documentation, ensuring that every detail is meticulously prepared and submitted. This includes managing residence requirements, financial requirements, and the extensive paperwork needed for a successful application.

Ensuring Compliance with Legal Standards

CBI attorneys ensure that all legal standards and requirements are met, including compliance with the federal government and Citizenship by Investment Unit regulations. This reduces the risk of errors that could delay or jeopardize the application.

Streamlining the Investment Process

Identifying Suitable Investment Options

A CBI attorney helps families identify suitable investment options, whether it’s a real estate option, direct financial investment, or a contribution to a national fund. They guide clients through purchasing government-approved properties, making financial contributions, and other investment routes.

Facilitating Financial Transactions

Managing financial transactions, including the payment of application processing fees and investment funds, can be complex. A CBI attorney ensures that these transactions are handled efficiently, helping to avoid potential issues with payment and compliance.

Enhancing Approval Chances

Conducting Due Diligence

CBI attorneys conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that the principal applicant and their family meet all the necessary criteria. This includes background checks and verifying financial stability, which are crucial for gaining approval in principle.

Liaising with Authorities

An experienced CBI attorney acts as a liaison between the applicant and immigration authorities, facilitating communication and addressing any issues that arise during the process. Their immigration experience is invaluable in navigating the complexities of different immigration systems.

Offering Long-Term Support

Assisting with Post-Approval Processes

After gaining citizenship or residency, a CBI attorney continues to provide support, helping families settle into their new country of citizenship. This includes assisting with the acquisition of residence, managing real estate investments, and meeting any ongoing residency requirements where applicable. In some cases we can help arrange for bank account opening, local drivers license and integration into the local community. 

Advising on Future Opportunities

A CBI attorney also advises on future opportunities, such as expanding investments or exploring additional immigration routes. This ensures that families can fully leverage their new status for remarkable growth and long-term benefits.

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