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Cross Channel Swim

JH MARLIN is a proud supporter of the development of sports and Special Olympics Programs.

For the past few years, members of JH Marlin have participated & volunteered in the annual St. Kitts & Nevis Cross Channel Swim. The Cross Channel swim distance is 2.5 miles and starts from Oualie Beach on Nevis and goes across the 'Narrows' to finish at Cockleshell Beach on St. Kitts. The Cross Channel Swim supports the St. Kitts Turtle Conservation group that helps protect oceans endangered species. The Channel Swim also supports the Nevis Special Olympics program to bring awareness and needed funds to special persons.

Members of JH Marlin are top swimmers and divers and we would be happy to bring you out in the Ocean!
To register for the 2019 Caribbean Nevis to St. Kitts Cross Channel swim taking place on March 31st 2019

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Women, Business and the Law

JH Marlin is proud to be involved in pro bono work for the World Bank that highlights legal barriers faced by women.