Dominica Citizenship by Investment

Dominica Citizenship by Investment was the second citizenship by investment programme to be introduced to the Caribbean and has been in operation since 1993. The Government of Dominica recognizes the importance of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment programme and is dedicated to ensuring that the programme continues to be of high quality in order to attract foreign direct investment. Investment contributions for citizenship are used to help the local economy.

There are many benefits to Dominica Citizenship by Investment which include; living in a peaceful country, global mobility with visa free access to over 120 countries which includes the European Union, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, minimal tax (no gift, wealth, inherit, capital gains tax), dual citizenship is permitted, no requirement to reside in Dominica, access to markets duty free in the Caribbean. 

There are different pathways to obtain a passport from Dominica. One way to obtain Dominica Citizenship by Investment is to make a donation to the Economic Diversification Fund (EDF) at a minimum of US$100,000 for a single main applicant and increasing amounts provided that the main applicant wishes to include their spouse or dependents in a citizenship application. Another pathway to obtain Dominica Citizenship by investment is to invest in designated real estate with a minimum value of at least US$200,000. 

Dominica is a naturally beautiful island with lush rainforests and is a great place for diving and eco-tourism. For more information about Dominica Citizenship by Investment contact 

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