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Our goal is to help people live more globally and freely. We help people with holistic offshore plans, citizenship by investment, residency by investment and more.

General Citizenship by Investment Questions

Citizenship by Investment is the process of investing in a country’s citizenship by investment program (usually by either doing a donation or investing in real estate) and in turn becoming a citizen and getting a passport. To do citizenship by investment you must undergo stringent due diligence background checks and meet all requirements. 

The most affordable programs for single applicants are Dominica and St.Lucia. For Families the most affordable are often Antigua & Barbuda and St.Kitts & Nevis. 

Vanuatu is known for its fast processing times. St.Kitts offers an accelerated 60 day processing option that comes at a higher price. In general most Caribbean citizenship programs takes around 6 months. European citizenship programs do take longer. 

In our experience most people do the donation option for citizenship. In 2022, more clients have pursued the private home sale option in St.Kitts that let’s you own a detached home worth over US$400,000 (where the value of the house is over US$400,000 separate from the land). 

It really depends on your unique situation. We would be happy to help you with any program you choose. It may depend on how many family members you wish to include, if you want to be citizen of a country with no personal income tax, if you wish to live in a certain country, if you wish to have visa free travel to certain countries and more. 

Most programs do not require you to live and reside in the country to do citizenship by investment. Malta is an example of a country where you will need to physically go to the country for a brief amount of time to complete the process. 

Malta is the only country offering visa free travel to Canada and the United States of America (eTA required). 

Different citizenship programs have different grounds for denial of a citizenship application. You can be denied citizenship because you have a criminal record, are subject to investigation, engaged in activities or have a reputation that would cause disrepute to the country. 

For some programs you can be denied citizenship for previously undergoing bankruptcy, being subject to lawsuits, having been denied a visa where a particular CBI country has visa free travel to. We recommend consulting us to find a citizenship program that you can do as there are exceptions depending on each program. We have had people approved with previous visa denials and people with previous bankruptcies and minor criminal records. 

If you are a US citizen and do not renounce your US citizenship you are still obligated to pay taxes wherever you are living in the world. Note for other nationalities you can still be considered a tax resident of the country where you live. As a client we can refer you to a tax attorney and accountant who can help you to properly structure and minimize your taxes if you are considering relocating or renouncing your citizenship. 

The Citizenship Process

Engaging a lawyer will save you a lot of time and money. Lawyers are qualified to give legal advice and offer a wider range of services. Lawyers are bound by confidentiality and have additional licensing and regulations to follow. 

You can pay for our services in cryptocurrency. However, all donations and government payments need to be made in USD or EUR via wire transfer. (Don’t worry we can show you how to do wire transfers if you need help!) 

This is ultimately up to you. We have experience processing both these options. In our experience most people have done the donation route, however, more recently people have become increasingly interested in real estate investing. We must know what option you are doing before the application is submitted to the citizenship by investment unit as there is a high fee to change options once your application is submitted to the unit. 

More Specific Citizenship by Investment Questions

It depends on the program. Most programs require at least 12 months of bank statements demonstrating sufficient source of funds. Some programs may ask you about particular transactions whereas other citizenship programs have a more relaxed approach to vetting particular transactions on your bank statements. One program you can use cryptocurrency statements to show you have the funds. 

If you don’t keep much money in the bank, that is okay. In some cases, you can either provide a sworn affidavit that you will sell an asset like a house or NFT. Depending on the citizenship program you can also provide crypto statements from a centralized exchange like coinbase. 

Yes. Oftentimes a criminal record will be required from the country where you are living and sometimes from the country where you were born. We can instruct you on what criminal records will be needed depending on the citizenship program you are doing. 

We have helped clients in over 40 different countries. Depending on the program, applicants from Canada for example require an RCMP report whereas United States applicants require an FBI report. We have outlined steps on how to do this and get same day service. For some countries it is impossible to get a police clearance report without a formal letter which we can arrange. Don’t worry about doing this as we can guide you when you become a client. 

Apostille is a document that authenticates a document pursuant to the Hague Convention on Apostilles. Please consult us as this may or may not apply to you depending on your country and citizenship program chosen. 

It depends on the citizenship program that you are doing whether or not documents are required to be apostilled. Provided you are from a country that is member of the Hague conventions on apostilles than you may be required to get all your documents apostilled. We can put you in contact with services to help with the apostille process. 

It is changing all the time all around the world. Typically the official tourism website for most countries has the most up to date entry requirements. 

Potentially. It depends on what passport program you do. Grenada, Turkey and Montenegro have E-2 treaties signed with the United States. 

 It depends on the citizenship program you do. Antigua is an example of a CBI program that requires you to do an oath. 

Saint Lucia and  offers the option to invest in government bonds for citizenship. The program currently has a covid-19 relief bond options which is available until the end of 2022. 

We always provide a complete breakdown of fees in our engagement letter. Some of the fees in addition to the large investment contribution include; legal agent fee, government application fee, due diligence fees, passport fees, bank charges, oath fee (where applicable), background/police checks fee. 

For St.Kitts there is no need to declare all your overall wealth and provide documentation to show all your wealth. If you are a United States citizen there is no need to get documents apostilled or provide tax returns. You do not have to declare the bank where you will be sending funds from and there is no need to make an oath to the country. St.Kitts you can show proof of funds in cryptocurrency by providing crypto statements such as a coinbase statement for example. In summary, there is less paperwork involved in the St.Kitts program and it is a simpler process for applicants. The St.Kitts passport for adults is valid for 10 years whereas for Antigua it is only valid for 5 years. St.Kitts has a slightly higher ranked passport with more visa free travel. 

Residency by Investment

It depends on your unique situation. Residency programs are usually cheaper but do not usually give you as many rights as citizenship programs. Residency programs can be temporary whereas once you are a citizen of a country you have the citizenship for life. 

The Portugal Golden visa program has proven to be very popular. Other popular programs include Dubai residency, Cayman residency, Panama residency and Costa Rica residency.  

A lot of our clients choose to do both a citizenship by investment program combined with a residency program. If you are someone practicing flag theory you want to plant as many flags to diversify your life. Citizenship is more permanent but doing a residency program can give you the option to live in your desired country. 

About JH Marlin

Nearly 100%. In our engagement letter we ask you a series of questions. It is important to answer the questions honestly. We don’t want to waste your time and money by doing a citizenship by investment program if you won’t be approved. 

We are one of the most affordable providers in the industry. Our boots on the ground approach give us the ability to be well priced. We know that it is important for clients to get good value for their money. Please feel free to reach out for a cost quotation. We understand that it is important for clients to have an idea of costs prior to engaging with us. 

Easy. We are very responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and accomodating. We want people to be happy and achieve their goals. If you need to reach us in the middle of the night, or on the weekend, we are available. The process for citizenship and residency can take a long time and we make sure to follow through on everything. We often have clients who stay in contact with us well after the engagement has ended. We are happy to give referrals to other services and will admit when we don’t know the answer to something. We are always trying to find ways to improve and feedback is always welcome. Many of the citizenship and residency programs we have personally done ourselves. We have extensive global and practical experience with international matters. 

We are attorneys at law and have certain legal obligations surrounding client confidentiality. You should never disclose your tax situation to a non-attorney! We have a proven track record of success having helped hundreds of clients from over fourty countries either do citizenship or residency by investment and relocate abroad. We have a global mindset having travelled for business to over 70 countries. We have hands-on experience and Jennifer has personally done many immigration investor programs herself personally. We promise you that we will be highly responsive and do our very best to help you as best we can. We don’t focus on marketing, but instead focus on giving the best possible service to clients. We often have clients that come to us after hiring a competitor when it does not work out or a client has been rejected. As a client you can contact us at any time. 

Yes – we have provided a few testimonials on our website (click here). We are happy to share more. Our business has grown tremendously due to word of mouth from positive feedback from clients. 

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