Fun things To Do in St. Kitts & Nevis

Retaining much of their relaxed old-world flavor while stoking modern appetites, both tropical treasures have remained enticing, luxury vacation and living options for high-end travel enthusiasts, global citizens, famous celebs, adventurists and retirees.

Fancy an early morning hike to a volcano? A thrilling deep-sea fishing excursion? Are you a foodie who enjoys authentic Caribbean regale? How about an unwinding soak in a 100-degree natural spring, heated by the earth’s core? The land and sea that make up the twin islands of St. Kitts & Nevis offer a myriad of ways to enjoy the sunny Caribbean climate and friendly culture, exciting all the senses and forging lasting memories.

Let’s Explore Fun Things To Do in St. Kitts & Nevis

1. Fun on Land


Exploration of the terrain on both islands reveals hosts of sights to enjoy. Witness families of Green Vervet monkeys, colonies of fruit bats and foraging white-tailed deer as you make way through rich foliage, traverse bushy hillsides, discover waterfalls and emerge at the rim of dormant volcanoes. Some trails can be more of a climb than a hike but there is something to be seen no matter the difficulty. 

A sturdy pair of sneakers, climbing gloves and plenty of water are advised for more vigorous trails. Hiking tours last between 1.5 to 5 hrs. Guides are friendly and knowledgeable so arranging for one to go with you is highly recommended. 


Centuries-old Stonecut ruins from the islands’ rich colonial past have been transformed into popular attractions for curious visitors.  Explore an ancient fortress on a cliff and straddle cannons at ‘Brimstone Hill’ or walk through a tiny stone monastery built for slaves at ‘Cottle Church’. For a little spooky excitement go looking for the Ghost of  Eden Brown after hearing the tale of a love affair gone wrong. 

Everpresent and in the background of anything you do while in St. Kitts and Nevis, are their breathtaking and therapeutic views! Both islands offer 360-degree panoramas of majestic peaks, clear expansive skies and the steel blue ocean that surrounds the sister gems. Colorful, glowing sunsets can be enjoyed almost anywhere you go and night skies are clear and just perfect for stargazing. 

Taxis are great for informal chats about the nation’s history and culture as you saunter through the island roads in air-conditioned comfort but there are rugged, action-filled ATV tours that can take you off-road through savannas of grazing cows and stony trails through the rainforest while monkeys watch curiously from tree limbs above.

Site-seeing on both islands offers a romp through British-West Indian history while immersing yourself in the majesty of unspoiled nature.

2. Tasty Fun

The twin-island nation offers a smorgasbord of local and international cuisine. Savor freshly caught fish, indigenous spiny lobster and homegrown lettuce. Bite into imported Wagyu steaks, authentic Italian pasta and experience Japanese teppanyaki. From boutique restaurants that coddle the water’s edge like ‘Drift’ in Nevis, to familiar fast-food chains like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Dominoes in Basseterre to high-end dining rooms like ‘Marshalls’ in Frigate Bay, you’re bound to find something that pleases your palette when you go out to eat in St. Kitts & Nevis. For a more immersive experience try a local bbq spot and jig with the locals to loud calypso music and sip a local beer.

Restaurants and popular beaches are also great places to go bar hopping; where talented mixologists will whip you up a yummy cocktail, recommend a good wine or serve you a tumbler of a signature rum punch.  

3. Beach Fun

The sandy perimeters of Saint Kitts and Nevis never disappoint. Encompassing secluded bays and popular hip-strips just a few miles apart, both islands’ beaches are ideal spots for daytime and nighttime fun.  

It may surprise you that every one of the beaches that line St. Kitts & Nevis offers a unique experience.  Even the sand is different. On most beaches, you won’t find the usual off-white pastel grains characteristic of islands like Anguilla or The Cayman Islands -which are made of coral.  These two islands are volcanic, resulting in most of the sand being finer with darker granules and silver specks that iridesce like glitter in the sunlight and boy, can it get hot! That said, there certainly are places like South Frigate Bay Beach (home to St.Kitts Marriott) or Herbert’s Beach at the northern side of Nevis that are donned with signature white sand saturated with discernible fragments of shells and coral skeletons.


Some beaches are very secluded and perfect for a silent reflective stroll, a clandestine couples retreat, or digesting a good book -the sun is great lighting. Stock a cooler, bring an umbrella and consider having a picnic. You’ll be pressed to find beach bars or any modern conveniences when you slip away to beaches like Lovers’ Beach in Nevis or Sand Bank Bay in St. Kitts.  


Other beaches like Frigate Bay in St. Kitts or Pinney’s Beach in Nevis, are popular hangout spots; at midday beach bars and souvenir shops open, lunch and cocktails are served, kids exhaust themselves tumbling in the tide and sweaty games of volleyball are played as jet skis zip by. After the beach chairs and umbrellas are packed up, evenings are set ablaze with bonfires, sizzling dinners, live music and dancing.  

4. Ocean Fun

The federation puts a lot of effort into maintaining and rebuilding its coral reefs, making ocean exploration and fishing more sustainable and enjoyable. The crystalline waters between St. Kitts and Nevis called The Narrows is a great location for family fun, competitive sport and home to a treasure trove of ocean fauna to be seen or gamed. 

Snorkeling, Diving Excursions and Dolphins!

For snorkel excursions; head to places like the beach at ‘Nisbet Plantation Inn’ on Nevis and walk right into the ocean, or take a catamaran cruise to Shitten Bay cove, anchor 20 feet above the seafloor and simply slip in. The snorkeling sites in St. Kitts and Nevis consist of rocky ridges, minor wrecks, and modest outcrops of coral and other marine vegetation. Catch glimpses of various eels, fleeting schools of colorful fish and peek at lobsters hiding between rock formations while diving the ocean in St. Kitts & Nevis. 

For a more intimate experience throw on a tank or two and go diving. The water is warm so wetsuits are optional but definitely grab a camera. Nurse sharks, various rays, turtles, and squishy sea cucumbers are familiar sites when submerged in the waters that surround the twin islands. Dive excursions usually last 3-4 hrs and you don’t have to be experienced; beginner courses from certified PADI Open Water dive instructors are available.

Another surprise the ocean around St. Kitts and Nevis has in store for sea lovers is Dolphins!  You’re quite likely to see our flippered friends when out on the water as they love to race boats through the Narrows, but you’re guaranteed to meet one up close and personal at the ‘Dolphin Discovery St. Kitts’ in Bird Rock –and these do tricks! 

Deep-Sea Fishing, Shore Fishing and Lobstering 

Fishing has always been an important survival tool for ancient tribes that relied solely on the islands’ land and shorelines for sustenance right up to the modern inhabitants, who still lean heavily on the fishing industry for food and tourism. But fishing is also a globally treasured pastime (whether for sport, nutrition or both) and the waters around St. Kitts & Nevis are filled with great locations for international anglers to come and practice the ancient skill.

Go miles off the coast into the deep blue, on a thrilling adventure reeling in big game like Wahoo, Dorado (Mahi Mahi/ Dolphinfish), Blue Marlin, Tuna, Sailfish, Barracuda and Kingfish (to name a few) or hunt smaller catch like Grouper, Snapper, Jacks, triggerfish and Parrot Fish that feed on the surrounding reefs. For a less dramatic, more meditative experience, drop your line at the shorelines of Major’s Bay in St. Kitts or head to Nevis’ Atlantic side to try your luck at reef casting.  


Water sports in Saint. Kitts and Nevis go beyond fishing, snorkeling and diving. As if there isn’t already enough to do while spending time on the beach; jet skiing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, Hobie Cat sailing, kayaking, parasailing and flyboarding are just a few more super fun ways to get your aquatic adrenaline fix. 

5. After Fun Fun


Hopefully, with all the fun you’re having you can find some time to get the r&r that you’ve promised yourself ever since you booked your flight; because St. Kitts and Nevis are also popular wellness retreats with luxurious spas like the ‘Emerald Spa’ at The St. Kitts Hyatt or ‘The Spa at Four Seasons Nevis’. Massage therapists and aestheticians are extremely gifted and will coax you into serenity with their deliberate yet gentle touches.

Natural Hydrotherapy

You can also let nature have a go at loosening those knots. Go for a quick soak in the beloved ‘Hot Springs’ in a small historical preserve at the outskirts of Charlestown. The sulfurous water gets up to a sultry 100 degrees, loosening up your body and easing your mind; making you wonder how you got in and why you got out.

If you are interested in experiencing paradise all for yourself or would like further information visit our archives or contact JHMarlin law.

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