Here are the 12 BEST beaches of Antigua & Barbuda

1. Dickenson Bay

A few miles north of the cruise ship terminal is this stretch of popular beach displaying all-inclusive resorts and bustling with activity. It’s the best beach to socialize while enjoying an array of watersport activities or indulging at a beachside restaurant.  

2. Fort James Beach

Overlooked by the old Fort James sugar mill is this less crowded strip of white sand in the sun. Just a short walk from the quay terminal it is popular with cruise ship passengers.

3. The Hawksbill Beaches

A collection of 4 strands of beaches is found on the peninsula where the Five Island Village is located. 3 of these beaches are accessed via the Hawksbill by Rex resort including the only nude sunbathing beach in Antigua.

4. Ffryes Beach

Head to the west coast to visit this moderately popular beach. The beach merges at the center into a gem-shaped dollop of land that juts off into the sea. Families are fond of this sandy treasure and it’s also the location of some of the island’s best barbecue spots.

5. Rendezvous Bay Beach

This secret beach is accesible only from the water and caresses a raw stretch of land on the south side of the island. Lined with palm trees and gorgeous blonde sand it is the perfect place for a clandestine rendezvous as the name implies.

6. Pigeon Point Beach

Nestled between two natural bights: Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour, this beach sees a lot of traffic.  When you’ve had your fill of watching luxury yachts wading in the ocean, head over to the historical Nelson’s Dockyard for more site seeing.

7. Half Moon Bay

This crescent-shaped swath of coastal land is all about the look with cobalt waters lapping at the pristine white sand. Snorkelers and body surfers are particularly fond of the extreme ends of the cove leaving the middle open to uninterrupted views of paradise.

8.  Long Bay Beach

An ideal snorkel destination, this colorful beach has sights above and below the warm wet surface.  Along the beach, you will find a walk of beach huts of varying colors, a resort, and an Italian restaurant awaiting you after observing schools of tropical fish that call the bay home.

9.  Pink Sand Beach

This demure stretch of pink sandy beach is the main attraction on Barbuda. It gets its color from the microscopic pieces of shell and coral from the reefs surrounding the island.  Home to an A-class luxury resort this beach is a natural psychedelic wonder. 

10. Jabberwock Beach

This windy slither of beach is great fun for kiteboarders and windsurfers.  Located on the north-eastern side of Antigua between Cedar Grove and Camp Blizzard the site is caressed by invigorating trade winds that travel parallel to the sandy coast.

11. Darkwood Beach

A short ride from the Capital city of St. John is one of the largest beaches of Antigua with views of neighboring islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe. It is home to a reef and is a popular snorkel site for cruise ship passengers.

12. Deep Bay Beach

The waters at this beach are the deepest you will find on the island so you can expect a calm ebb and flow as you swim in the warm ocean. The beach is the location of another grand resort and accesses a hiking trail that leads you to the historical Fort Barrington.

The beaches of Antigua & Barbuda are definitely their highlight and whether you’re on a full-blown vacation or an investor on your yearly check-in there is always an opportunity to enjoy one of their many pristine beaches. Find out how  

Contributor : Simone




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