Here is a Look at the 11 Best Beaches in St. Lucia

St. Lucia is known for many things and its beaches arguably take the top spot. The whole perimeter of the avocado-shaped island in the Southern Caribbean is lined with breathtaking beaches, bays, cliffs and coves; the warm ocean is just teeming with wildlife like turtles and schools of colorful darting fish that can be observed right offshore, no charter needed. 

Here is a Look at the 11 Best Beaches in St. Lucia

1. La Toc Beach

This hidden beach next to the capital city of Castries is an idyllic spot to escape.  Lounge on the palm tree lined beach and let your cares wash away.  If you’re up for a history lesson visit the La Toc Battery Fort just a short walk away.

2. Reduit Beach

Pronounced ‘Red-wee’, This 5 mile stretch of beach on the North West Coast of St. Lucia has a beautiful view of Pigeon Island and is shaded by palms and sea grape trees that line the sand. It’s very popular among locals and tourists who go there to enjoy the sun.

3. Sugar Beach  

Located in Soufriere, this haven is considered one of the best beaches on the island which is probably why it has 3 names.  Nestled in the center of the base of the Piton Peaks, it’s also known as Anse de Pitons and Jalousie Beach providing stunning views of the cone-shaped mountains which offer an 1800 ft drop-off into the lively ocean -perfect for snorkeling and diving.

4. Pigeon Island Beach

This strand of sand located on the historical Pigeon Island in the vicinity of Gros Point is a popular place for tourists who want to learn more about St. Lucia’s history as well as enjoy a day at the beach. Take a short hike uphill to visit ancient forts and military bunkers. 

5. Anse Chastanet

Another beach that’s vying for the top spot is this beautiful cove on the northern side of St. Lucia.  The volcanic sand glistens in the sunlight as the calm water laps against protruding rock formations. This beach features a lovely coral reef so don’t forget your snorkel gear when you go.

6. Marigot Bay

A popular venue for the silver screen, this beach that caresses a fishing town in the west of St. Lucia has been featured in movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ and ‘Dr. Doolittle’. You most likely won’t find any more Pirates or giant pink snails but it’s a splendid place to relax on the beach as you watch fishing boats float by.

7. Anse Cochon

This sandy getaway is just steps away from the quaint fishing town of Ti Kaye. Have a picnic of local cuisine as you laze in the sun.  You can then visit the La Sikwi Sugar Mill built in the 19th century by British plantation owners.

8. Anse de Sables

This windy beach is great for kitesurfing or sailing. The mile long stretch of coral white sand is located next to the village of Vieux Fort and the Maria Major and Maria Minor National Park -two small islands just a short boat ride from the beach itself.

9. Laborie Bay Beach

This quiet strecth is located on the edge of the south western parish of Laborie and is another quiet sunny spot to spend your day.  Put on a snorkel and jump into the cool water. If you get hungry there are local cookshops nearby so you can make it a day.

10. Vigie Beach

Relax under a palm tree as you listen to the sounds of the ocean and watch the occasional airplane fly by.  This surprisingly quiet beach in Castries is a turn off the scenic Peninsula road not far from the George F. L. Charles International Airport.

11. Grande Anse Beach

To get to this secluded bay on the Atlantic side of St. Lucia you’ll have to take a hike but the views of unspoiled nature is worth the sweat. Walk the beaches where sea turtles come to lay their delicate eggs and observe blue waves crash against rocky cliffs. 

The beaches of St. Lucia are hailed as some of the best in the world and are only rivaled by its gorgeous green landscape and colorful culture. And with its new and improved citizenship program many are choosing these beautiful bays as permanent lounging spots. 

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