Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment is the newest citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean and was first launched in 2015. Citizenship by Investment can be acquired by making an investment in one of four ways; donation to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund, Real Estate Projects, Enterprise Projects or Government Bonds. Under the Saint Lucia Economic Fund a minimum investment for a single applicant is US$100,000, an applicant applying with their spouse is US$165,000 and an applicant with two qualifying dependents is US$190,000. There are real estate projects to choose from that are government qualified for citizenship and they include hotels, resorts and boutique properties. The starting cost for a real estate project that qualifies for citizenship is US$300,000. Once a client identifies the desired real estate, the applicant will execute a binding purchase and sales agreement and the amount equalling the investment price will be deposited in an irrevocable escrow account. Another option for Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment is Enterprise projects. Enterprise projects for citizenship must first be approved by the Citizenship by Investment Unit and start at US$3,500,000 and can be under one of seven categories which includes; restaurants, cruise ports and marinas, pharmaceutical products, agro-processing plants, ports/bridges/roads/highways, offshore universities and research institutions and facilities. The final option to obtain Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment is to purchase non-interest bearing Government bonds. Bonds investment for a single applicant starts at US$500,000 and are required to remain in the name of the applicant for a 5 year period. 

The process to obtain Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment takes approximately 3 months. In order to avoid delays, it is important to ensure that a citizenship file is compliant with the legislation and that all guidelines for preparing a citizenship by investment file have been followed. Saint Lucian citizens have visa free travel or visa on arrival to over 120 countries including the European Union. Citizens of Saint Lucia have a great quality of life and Saint Lucia is a wonderful place to live with great restaurants, beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and modern facilities and infrastructure. Saint Lucia enjoys a great climate year round and is the perfect place to escape to relax. 

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