Canada Citizenship & Residency


Canada Citizenship

The Immigrant Investors Program was created by the Canadian government to attract wealthy investors to Canada. The program reopened on September 10th 2018 for a limited time of 6 months. The Government Authority will only accept a maximum of 1900 cases. Investors and their immediate family can gain permanent residency in Canada by satisfying the following selection criteria.


Demonstrate business experience (having previously managed or operated a qualified business)


Must have legally obtained a net worth of minimum CAD 2 million (note that you do not need to spend this amount we just need to prove to the government that you own this amount.)


Entire family must pass Canada's medical and security tests


Invest CAD to be held for a five year period under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. The investment is government guaranteed and will be repaid in full at the end of the investment period.

(*Note that the total amount of your investment is $390 235 CA (equivalent to US$300 000) under unit reservation option)


Passive Investment to be held for a five-year period. In order to qualify for citizenship applicants must reside in the country for three years (1095 days) within a four-year timeframe. To qualify applicants must have a minimum net worth of CAD 2 million.

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