European Residency


Malta Global Residency Program (GRP) &
Malta Residence Program (MP)

European Residency

The Global Residence Programme presents a number of incentives for applicants who are non-EU national interested in moving to Malta, with the principal benefits being a flat tax rate of 15% on any foreign source income remitted to Malta. European Residency.

A similar program is the Malta Residence Programme that is available to EU, EEA and Swiss nationals. Both programs offer freedom of movement within the Schengen Zone for applicants and their family.

Individuals who qualify and their family members are allowed to reside in Malta and may engage in business activities and employment, subject to certain conditions.


Purchase of a Property of minimum acquisition value of EURO 270,000-EURO320,000 or minimum annual rental value of EURO 10,000 – EURO 12,000. Additional Investment of EURO 250,000 to be held for a minimum of 5 years.

Malta European Residency

General Information

Since 2004, Malta has been a member of the European Union and is strategically located between Sicily, Italy and North Africa. There are daily flights from Malta to other cities in Europe and North Africa.

Malta has a warm Mediterranean climate with the capital of Malta being Valleta. The population is just over 450,000 making it one of the smallest populated countries in the world. The official languages are Maltese and English with all legislation in these two languages. The government of Malta is democratically elected with its parliamentary system modelled on the British system. Malta is known for its highly developed financial and tourism industries.