St.Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St.Lucia citizenship by investment program


What is St.Lucia’s CBI program?

Saint Lucia is known for its natural beauty which includes diverse beaches and natural rain forests. The St.Lucia Economic Citizenship program was established in 2015 following the passage of Act No. 14 of 2015 the Citizenship by Investment Act. St. Lucia’s citizenship by investment program was launched as a way to bolster the island’s GDP by diversifying away from the agriculture industry and the volatile tourism industry. One of the newest citizens by investment programs, St. Lucia has made several changes to its process making it cheaper to attain a second passport and have quicker processing times.Saint Lucia citizens have visa free access to over 120 countries and the citizenship programme is one of the best priced programs for single applicants under the donation option.


St.Lucia is a  CBI program sought after by single applicants

Saint Lucia offers a unique program with the option to make an investment in government bonds, or a donation or investment in government approved real estate. Most often clients opt to either do the donation route or invest in the government bond option for citizenship. With a St.Lucia passport you have visa free travel or visa on arrival to 146 countries.

The Saint Lucian passport is an often highly sought after Caribbean passport for single applicants due to its lower minimum contribution compared to other Caribbean passport programs.The passport by investment program is highly respected.  Saint Lucia permits dual citizenship and the process is fairly streamlined. All applicants undergo stringent due diligence to ensure the integrity of the citizenship program. In our experience the average processing time has been just over 3 months.

Interested in a St. Lucia citizenship? J.H. Malrin can help you!

Different Investment Options under the Saint Lucia Citizenship Program

St. Lucia has unique investment opportunities under its citizenship program. An investor can choose one of the following business investment options:


Option#1: COVID-19 Bond Relief

For a limited time only Saint Lucia is offering a covid-19 relief bond option starting at a minimum investment of US$250,000 for a single applicant (five-year holding bond). The minimum period to hold the bond depends on the number of applicants included in the application.

For a primary applicant and their spouse it is US$250,000 and a six-year holding bond.

For a primary applicant with up to four qualifying dependents the bond is US$250,000 with a seven year holding period or US$300,000 with a five-year holding period. For any additional qualifying dependent there is a fee of US$15,000

Due diligence fee is US$7,500 the primary applicant and US$5,000 for any applicant 16 years of age or older. There is also a government processing fee of US$30,000.


Option #2: Saint Lucia National Economic Fund Investment

For a sole applicant the cost is US$100,000 non-refundable contribution (donation) 

Applicant with spouse is US$140,000 donation

Family of 4 is US$150,000

Any additional qualifying dependent is US$25,000

Note there are also due diligence fees of US$7,500 the main applicant, US$5,000 each qualifying dependent over the age of 16, non-refundable processing fees and legal fees.

For a complete cost quotation specific to your case please contact us.

The government development fund option is often the most popular choice amongst citizenship applicants.


Option #3 Real Estate Investment Option

Investors can choose to invest in a government approved real estate project for citizenship. Approved real estate projects include; hotels and resorts, boutique properties, real estate development and or other project that is approved for citizenship. To complete the application process, the foreign investor must enter into a purchase and sales agreement, put funds into an escrow bank account according to an established escrow agreement.

  •     Property with a minimum value of $300,000 which must be maintained for 5 years
  •     Additional $35,000 for adult dependents and $25,000 if under 18 years old
  •     Main applicant pays $50,000 admin fee + due diligence fees of $7,500 and $5,000 per dependent over 16


Option #4 Enterprise Projects

  •     $3,500,000 Minimum for sole investors
  •     $1,000,000 Minimum each for Partners w/6,000,000 total
  •     $50,000 non-refundable admin fee
  •     Adult dependents pay $35,000 or $25,000 if under 18 + due diligence fees of $7,500 for MA & $5,000 per dependent under 16

Primary Advantages of Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment





Summary of the Main Advantages of St. Lucia’s citizenship by investment program

Why work with JH Marlin to become a Saint Lucia citizen by investment?

JH Marlin Law has helped clients choose the citizenship program that is right for them for years.

JH Marlin Law has had a 100% success rate for clients doing the St.Lucia citizenship by investment program. We have helped dozens of people achieve their goal of becoming a citizen of the beautiful country of St.Lucia! 

JH Marlin Law has handled hundreds of citizenship applications. We can help you throughout the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

There are no wealth, gift, inheritance taxes or capital gains taxes. Personal income tax rates apply to domestic activities.

To apply as the main applicant you must be at least 18 years of age and someone of outstanding character. You must not have a criminal record (*please consult us if you do).

It is important that all applicants to the program have an original birth certificate in order to be issued the Saint Lucian passport. Unlike some other citizenship programs that require just a notarized or apostilled copy of the birth certificate, St.Lucia is unique in that it requires the original copy. Other required documents include a current passport, a valid national identification such as a drivers license, bank statements, professional reference letter, police certificate, university certificates / other potential academic certificates, amongst other documents. You will also need to do a medical examination and be in excellent health. Provided you are not able to obtain certain documents in some instances you may do a statutory declaration.

For Americans, one of the advantages of doing the citizenship programme when compared to some others is that documents just require notarization and there are less documents involved in the process.

You will need to provide a police certificate from the country where you currently live, a country where you have lived for more than one year during the last 10 years and potentially from your country of birth.*Please consult us and we can advise and assist you obtain a police certificate where necessary.

Step 1: Please provide an electronic picture copy of your passport. We need to know your current citizenship and will do an internal diligence background check on you and your family members.

Step 2: We will prepare the initial documentation for you to complete to start the application for citizenship process which will include an application contact form and consent form, letter of engagement confirming all fees and initial invoice for payment. We will share with you internal documents specific to your case. 

Step 3: We will go over all the documents that you need to complete and obtain. There are a lot of paperwork requirements and we will guide you throughout the entire citizenship process. We will review documents on an ongoing basis and help you with the entire application process. We will let you know if additional documents are required after doing a preliminary review of your file.

Step 4: Payment of the nonrefundable due diligence fees,  processing fee & application fee to start the process in advance. (Provided you wish for the due diligence process to be started sooner to accelerate your application you can provide minimal documents and make payment of the non-refundable due diligence fees.*please consult us)

Step 5: Send us the completed citizenship application (original documents) once the file is complete and reviewed. We will prepare everything for document submission.

Step 6: Your full application will be submitted in physical copy and we will follow up with the citizenship by investment unit committee. You will receive an official confirmation of application submission. The citizenship by investment unit committee will conduct due diligence checks.

Step 7: Once approved you will make the non-refundable government donation. We will also have you complete a passport application form.

Step 8: We will prepare documents and collect your passport. The final steps are issuance of passports.

Step 9: We will confirm with you where you would like us to send the passports. We will return all passport documents and internal documents that belong to you that are in our possession.

Once you are approved for citizenship we will notify you of your citizenship application approval. You can then make the investment contribution (government donation). All successful applicants will be issued a Citizenship certificate to be able to obtain a Saint Lucian passport.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in doing any citizenship by investment process. We try to facilitate the process for you as much as possible and keep you updated on the progress of your application. One aspect that is unique about the Saint Lucian CBI program is that provided that 90 business calendar days have been met the citizenship unit will issue a letter indicating that they are making best efforts to bring the file to completion. Receiving a notification letter that it is taking longer than 90 days to process your file does not mean you will be rejected or there is a problem.

The answer to this question really depends on your unique situation. The most affordable and simplest option is the donation option. However, we have helped clients with the various different options for citizenship.

To do the citizenship by investment programme the following is required:

– primary applicant must be at least 18 years of age

– primary applicant must satisfy the minimum qualifying investment

– primary applicant must provide proof of source of funds for the investment

– primary applicant and other qualifying dependents must pass due diligence checks

– all applicants must provide complete and honest disclosure in their citizenship application.

– A spouse of the main applicant can qualify as a dependent. You must provide a valid marriage certificate. St.Lucia does not recognize common law partnerships or gay marriage.

– A child of the principal applicant or child of the spouse who is below the age of 21 years.

– A child of the principal applicant or child of the spouse who is not older than thirty years of age and is financially dependent and supported by the principal applicant or spouse

– A child of any age can be included provided they are physically or mentally challenged. Documentation must be provided to support this.

– Dependent parents: Parents of the main applicant or spouse who are above the age of fifty five and who are supported by them

–  Any parent who is physically or mentally challenged and is fully supported by the applicant

– An unmarried sibling of the principal applicant or spouse who is not married and is below the age of 18 and has received consent from biological parents or guardian

There are many citizenship benefits which include;

Minimal hassle compared to other CBI programmes.

– Passport holders enjoy a high level of visa-free access to over 140 countries including lot’s of countries in central and South America, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore

– Investment requirement only due upon successful approval for citizenship

Most affordable citizenship by investment program for a sole applicant with an economic contribution starting at US$100,000

Quick pathway to citizenship; citizenship can be obtained in 3-6 months

Family inclusive programme; a qualifying dependent can get Saint Lucian citizenship and passport

Facility of doing business in the country: According to do Doing Business Report Saint Lucia ranked the 77th country for ease of doing business

There are not many disadvantages to doing the St.Lucia citizenship by investment. Most of the disadvantages stem from the fact that the program is relatively new and that St.Lucia is not as pro-active on the international scene.

Less visa free travel: Saint Lucia has less visa free travel compared to other Caribbean citizenship by investment programs. You do not have visa free travel to Russia or China. There is less international push by Saint Lucia to try to gain visa free to other countries.

New program: Saint Lucia is a lesser known program and has not had a long history. You may be stopped when going through borders and customs to verify that the country of Saint Lucia exists.

Lack of experience: The citizenship program is fairly new and St.Lucia does not have as much experience in the citizenship business

Yes – Saint Lucia is a safe country and is both economically and politically stable.

No. You must hire a law firm to assist you with the program. Only an authorized agent can submit your file to the citizenship unit.

Living in St.Lucia is relaxed and laid back. After all you are living in tropical paradise and that means tropical benefits! Lot’s of musicians choose to live in St.Lucia either on a full time basis or spend part of the year there.

General Information about St. Lucia

St.Lucia is located in the Caribbean between the islands of Martinique and St.Vincent and the island is approximately 620 square kilometers. The local population is just over 180,000.St.Lucia is a member of the British Commonwealth, CARICOM, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and other organizations.

Fast Facts:

Location: 13.9° N & 60.9° W | Lesser Antilles, West Indies (Caribbean)

Size: 617 km2

Population: 185 k

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars | USD is also accepted

Government: Parliamentary System | Commonwealth

Economy: Tourism | Agriculture | Financial Services

Language: English | French Creole

Religion: Christian – Roman Catholic | Multi-denominational

Culture: Traditional Caribbean | Anglo/Franco 

Cost of Living: Moderate to High | Tax-Friendly

Quality of Life: Active | Relaxed | Freedom

What are some things to do in St.Lucia?

Here are 6 Top Things To Do in St. Lucia

Every year tens of thousands of honeymooners, families and yacht enthusiasts come to St. Lucia to experience the pear-shaped island’s rich brand of culture, history, year-round sunshine and outstanding beaches.

Luxury all-inclusive resorts, restaurants and art galleries decorate the landscape with punchy colors that pop against the verdant background, its coastline is nothing less than stunning and the rainforest of the volcanic island offers a multitude of tropical adventures. 

Here are just a few fun things to do when you’re in St. Lucia:

  • Visit the Rainforest

While hiking in St. Lucia, you will find an abundance of snaking trails, historical sites, botanical gardens and nature walks that display the best of St. Lucia’s many assets.

Scale the majestic Gros Piton and Petit Piton and compare your workout; Follow the step-lined ridge of Tet Paul, alongside breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and Mt. Gimie.

Visit the Millet Bird Sanctuary or follow the Des Cartier Nature Trail and spot endangered species of birds and reptiles endemic to St. Lucia’s vibrant rainforest. Like the jumbo Green Iguana who can be seen basking on tree limbs.

Pull up to the world’s only ‘drive-in’ volcano, wallow in its anti-aging mineral-rich mud and wash the years away in a nearby plunge pool at the Sulphur Springs in Soufriere.

Glide down the hillside on an aerial tram and share a birds eye view of the dense rainforest with the endangered St. Lucian Jacquot parrot or go ziplining through the Treetop Adventure Park in Dennery.

  • Chase Waterfalls

With over 20 different waterfalls in St. Lucia -scattered across the island, chasing these cascading chutes is no futile endeavor. Some are trickier to access, requiring full-on hikes to secluded locations deep in the forest but many are easily found from the island’s main roads and all of them are distinctly beautiful.

Take a refreshing swim in the crisp hidden waters of ‘Belle Vue Falls’ deep in a rocky river valley; Get a fish pedicure while dipping your feet in the garden pond at ‘La Tille Falls’; or observe the mineral-rich color-changing falls of the ‘Diamond Botanical Garden’ in Soufriere.

  • Visit World Famous Beaches -Snorkelling, Diving and Water Sports

Take a trip to any one of St. Lucia’s many world-renowned beaches for beautiful expanses of white sand, swaying palm trees and tons of tidal fun like Vigie Beach next to the airport, the top-rated Marigot Bay, the historical Pigeon Island Beach or Anse de Pitons nestled comfortably between St. Lucia’s famous towering twin mountains. No matter which beach you choose, you are guaranteed to be impressed by its idyllic beauty.

Dive and Snorkel Excursions

Throw on some gear and go snorkelling or diving at some of the best sites in the world! Like, Anse Chastanet Reef, which has been cordoned off to reserve its 150 different species of exotic tropical marine life like stingrays, turtles, moray eels, french angelfish and majestic seahorses; or visit sunken wrecks adorned in colorful coral formations like the Lesleen M found near Anse Cochon on the west coast.

The reefs are so good in fact, that St. Lucia has dedicated a week in September to celebrate ‘Dive Fest’. The 7-day celebration of St. Lucia’s world-class dive sites attracts pro and novice divers from all corners of the globe.

Kite-surfing is another popular ocean activity and you can get big-air at Cas-en-Bas on the island’s northern tip. Paddle-boarding, windsurfing and kayaking are just a few more fun hydrosports for you to enjoy; and facilities can be found all along the popular Rodney Bay Strip. For more waterworks, you can head a short distance to St. Lucia’s ‘Splash Island Water Park’ at Reduit Beach and try their impressive floating obstacle course. 

  • Visit Historical Sites

If you’re intrigued by the island’s checkered history, you can visit 300yr old forts like Fort Rodney and an ancient pirate station on Pigeon Island National Landmark in the north. Learn more about the bloody battle between the English and French in 1778 at Morne Fortune just outside of Castries; traverse the old french-creole agricultural estate of Morne Coubaril on horseback. Take a quantum leap forward to the 20th-century and visit the WWII monument dedicated to valiant St. Lucian soldiers killed abroad or go to the memorial site of 1992 Nobel Prize winning poet and playwright Sir Derek Walcott, overlooking the ocean.

From ancient time to the colonial era to contemporary history, St. Lucia and its people have left notable time stamps on world history; and the island’s impressive natural landscape is the perfect showcase for its multicultural past.

  • Taste St. Lucia

The rich fertile soil of St. Lucia’s bounteous rainforest yields pungent spices and a myriad of tropical fruits, vegetables and root crops year round. Harvests of cinnamon, garlic, cocoa, bananas, avocados, mangoes, coconuts, yams and sweet potatoes (just to name a few) support the island’s eclectic gastronomy as well as supplying other islands across the region.

With all that fresh variety it is no wonder restaurants in St. Lucia are a hit and local cuisiniers are superbly talented in making it all come together. The Rodney Bay area is an especially popular eating spot with a range of

international and Caribbean restaurants with tasty menus.

The island is also quite well known for its local dishes like green bananas and saltfish or the award-winning spicy Pepper Pot Stew. Head to the St. Lucia street party on a Friday night to have a taste of authentic creole street fare while you dance the night away to calypso.

It seems everywhere you turn St. Lucia beckons you to succumb to your senses, and Chocolate is another surprise adding to the gratuitous seduction of the island. Try your hand at the worldwide delicacy and become an honorary Chocolatier at one of the island’s various Cacao plantations like Morne Coubaril Nature Park or the Rabot Estate in Soufriere. 

  • Sip St. Lucia

Take a spirited tour of the St. Lucia Distilleries in Castries and taste over 25 different dark or white flavors of St. Lucian rum as you learn about the fermentation process of sugar cane.

St. Lucia is also the home to Piton beer, a pilsner ale brewed on the island at The Windward and Leeward Brewing Company and named after St. Lucia’s native Gros Piton and Petit Piton peaks.

  •     Go to a Festival

St. Lucia has become the venue for a few famous festivals like the St. Lucia Jazz Festival a 3-day concert held every year for the past 22 years that has brought big names like Patti LaBelle, Elton John, Rihanna and George Benson to her stage. 

Observe mega-yachts like the Maltese Falcon or the Nobiskrug as they saunter in and out of the harbour bay for the Mercury Festival. The highly anticipated annual 2-day beach and yacht party is held every summer at Mercury Beach on Pigeon Island and is attended by top percenters from all over the world.

The ‘la Rose’ and ‘la Marguerite’ are annual flower festivals that depict the rivalry of St. Lucia’s history. La Rose is held at the end of August and la Marguerite, at the end of October. Patrons wear red and purple respectively to honor the flower they represent.

With such breathtaking displays of beauty and fertility, there is no wonder why St. Lucia was so highly coveted in her early years. Today, with centuries of fascinating history, diverse culture and an endearing people, many have fallen in love with this small island named after a woman and thanks to its new and competitive citizenship program St. Lucia continues to leave her legacy across the globe.



  •    Botswana
  •    Cape Verde*
  •    Comoros*
  •     Djibouti*
  •     Egypt*
  •     Gambia
  •     Guinea-Bissau*
  •     Kenya
  •     Lesotho*
  •    Madagascar
  •    Malawi*
  •    Mauritania*
  •    Mauritius
  •    Mozambique*
  •    Senegal*
  •    Seychelles
  •    Somalia*
  •    Swaziland
  •    Tanzania
  •    Togo
  •    Tunisia
  •    Uganda
  •    Zambia
  •    Zimbabwe



  •     Antigua & Barbuda
  •     Argentina
  •     Bahamas
  •     Barbados
  •     Belize
  •     Bolivia
  •     chile
  •     Colombia
  •     Costa Rica
  •     Cuba
  •     Dominica Republic
  •     Dominica
  •     Ecuador
  •     El Salvador
  •     Grenada
  •     Guatemala
  •     Guyana
  •     Haiti
  •     Honduras
  •     Jamaica
  •     Nicaragua
  •     Panama
  •     Peru
  •     St. Kitts & Nevis
  •     St. Lucia
  •     St. Vincent & The
  •     Suriname
  •     Trinidad and Tobago
  •     Venezuela



  •     Armenia
  •     Bangladesh*
  •     Cambodia*
  •     Hong Kong*
  •     Indonesia
  •     Iran*
  •     Israel
  •     Jordan*
  •     Laos*
  •     Macau*
  •     Malaysia*
  •     Maldives
  •     Nepal*
  •     Palestinian Territories
  •     Philippines
  •     Singapore
  •     South Korea
  •     Srilanka



  •     Andorra
  •     Austria
  •     Belgium
  •     Bulgaria
  •     Croatia
  •     Czech Republic
  •     Cyprus
  •     Denmark
  •     Estonia
  •     Finland
  •     France
  •     Germany
  •     Greece
  •     Hungary
  •     Iceland
  •     Ireland (Rep.)
  •     Italy
  •     Latvia
  •     Lithuania
  •     Liechtenstein
  •     Luxembourg
  •     Malta
  •     Monaco
  •     Montenegro
  •     Netherlands
  •     Norway
  •     Poland
  •     Portugal
  •     Romania
  •     San Marino
  •     Slovakia
  •     Slovenia
  •     Spain
  •     Sweden
  •     Switzerland
  •     United Kingdom
  •     Vatican City



  •     Australia
  •     Bahrain
  •     Gabon
  •     Georgia
  •     India
  •     Sri Lanka
  •     Turkey



  •     Fiji
  •     Micronesia
  •     Palau
  •     Samoa
  •     Solomon Isl.*
  •     Tonga*
  •     Tuvalu
  •     Vanuatu

* Visa on arrival


The list of countries is subject to change depending on each government’s policy including access to each country

 Saint Lucia offers a unique program with the option to make an investment in government bonds, or a donation or investment in government approved real estate. Most often clients opt to either do the donation route or invest in the government bond option for citizenship. With a St.Lucia passport you have visa free travel or visa on arrival to 146 countries.

The Saint Lucian passport is an often highly sought after Caribbean passport for single applicants due to its lower minimum contribution compared to other Caribbean passport programs.The passport by investment program is highly respected.  Saint Lucia permits dual citizenship and the process is fairly streamlined. All applicants undergo stringent due diligence to ensure the integrity of the citizenship program. In our experience the average processing time has been just over 3 months.