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St.Lucia citizenship by investment program


What is St.Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment program?

Saint Lucia is known for its natural beauty which includes diverse beaches and natural rain forests. The St.Lucia Economic Citizenship program was established in 2015 following the passage of Act No. 14 of 2015 the Citizenship by Investment Act. St. Lucia’s citizenship by investment program was launched as a way to bolster the island’s GDP by diversifying away from the agriculture industry and the volatile tourism industry.

One of the newest citizens by investment programs, St. Lucia has made several changes to its process making it cheaper to attain a second passport and have quicker processing times.Saint Lucia citizens have visa free access to over 120 countries and the citizenship programme is one of the best priced programs for single applicants under the donation option.

Saint Lucia is a CBI program sought after by single applicants

Saint Lucia offers a unique CBI program with the option to make an investment in government bonds, or a donation or investment in government approved real estate. Most often clients opt to either do the donation route or invest in the government bond option for citizenship. With a St.Lucia passport you have visa free travel or visa on arrival to 146 countries.

Saint Lucia’s passport is an often highly sought after Caribbean passport for single applicants due to its lower minimum contribution compared to other Caribbean passport programs.The passport by investment program is highly respected. Saint Lucia permits dual citizenship and the process is fairly streamlined. All applicants undergo stringent due diligence procedures to ensure the integrity of the citizenship program. In our experience the average processing time has been just over 3 months.

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Primary Advantages of Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment





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Different Investment Options under the Saint Lucia Citizenship Program

St. Lucia has unique investment opportunities under its citizenship program. An investor can choose one of the following business investment options:

The Saint Lucia National Economic Fund is commonly utilized for individuals seeking citizenship through investment, whereby a one-time donation is required and non-refundable.

The Fund was created to grant citizenship to St. Lucia through foreign investments. However, there has been no public disclosure about the allocation of funds, leading to controversy.

In any case:

  • You’re expected to contribute at least $100,000 if you’re a single applicant.
  • Couples will spend $140,000 (discounted from the pre-COVID price of $165,000).
  • A family of four will spend $150,000 (original price: $190,000).
  • Each additional dependent will cost you $15,000 (original price: 25,000).

Every application also comes with processing and admin fees:

  • Main applicant will pay $2,000 of processing fees for himself and $1,000 per dependent
  • Due diligence fees are $7,500 for the main applicant and $5,000 per dependant (over 16 years old)

The cost of St. Lucia citizenship by donation is $109,500 for one person and $167,500 for a family of four, not including agency fees. The original cost for a family was $217,500.

A permanent change has been made for newborn dependents by the government. Adding a newborn to your application now costs $500 instead of the previous $25,000 administrative fee for additional dependents. This change makes St. Lucia more competitive, especially for applicants with families.

Real estate investment options are commonly available in CBI programs, including in Saint Lucia.

In order to invest in real estate, a minimum of $300,000 is required and properties must come from the pre-approved list.

The list of approved real estate developments available for investment is currently limited due to the recent launch of the program.

When participating in CBI programs that have a pre-approved list of real estate, it is common to invest in a high-end hotel or resort, which may be slightly overpriced.

Ownership of the property requires a minimum of five years.

Please note that there are additional fees, which are higher than those for a donation, in addition to the actual price.

  • The principal applicant will have to pay $50,000 in admin fees
  • Each qualifying adult dependant will pay $35,000 and $25,000 if the dependant is under 18 years old
  • Due diligence fees are $7,500 for the main applicant and $5,000 per dependant (over 16 years old)

The cost for a single applicant pursuing the real estate option is $357,500, while a family with two young children would incur a total cost of $437,500.

Investors can obtain St. Lucia citizenship through government bond investment. Due to COVID-19, the St. Lucian government has made changes to this option until December 31, 2021. These changes make it an ideal opportunity for bond investors.

Previously, the investment requirement for St. Lucia citizenship was a minimum of $500,000 in non-interest-bearing bonds held for five years. Now, the requirement has changed to a minimum investment of $250,000 in the COVID Relief Bond, which also has a five-year hold period.

The price for the property has been reduced to $250,000 and the hold period has been extended to six years for a couple applying.

For families consisting of four members, there are two investment options available: a discounted price of $250,000 with a six-year hold period, or a minimum investment of $300,000 with a reduced hold period of five years.

For each additional dependent, there is an added cost of $15,000 (previously $25,000), and the holding period is extended to seven years for additional dependents.

The application fees are higher than the donation route, but they have been discounted.

  • An administrative fee of $30,000 (previously $50,000) for those buying government bonds. This is now only payable upon approval.
  • Due diligence fees are $7,500 for the main applicant and $5,000 per dependant (over 16 years old)

This option allows for a $30,000 donation and a $250,000 investment in government bonds with a five-year no-interest term.

If you have cash available, you could save $70,000 in “sunken costs” by parking $250,000 for a while. After five years, you will get your money back unless St. Lucia defaults on bonds. This is a good deal if you have cash that you’re not investing because bank interest rates are low.

Investing in an approved enterprise project is a viable option in St. Lucia due to the government’s efforts to attract foreign capital and create job opportunities.

For sole investors, the required investment amount is $3,500,000. If investing with partners, each individual must contribute a minimum of $1,000,000 and the total investment must be $6,000,000.

Furthermore, there are additional charges to consider.

  • A non-refundable admin fee of $50,000 will be charged
  • Each qualifying adult dependant will pay $35,000 and $25,000 if the dependant is under 18 years old
  • Due diligence fees are $7,500 for the applicant and $5,000 per dependant (over 16 years old)

Investment projects must be pre-approved by the government and can be found on its official website.

The range of projects includes various types of infrastructure such as restaurants, ports, highways, research facilities, and universities.

These are the community and infrastructure projects that are considered most desirable for contributions.

Find the perfect citizenship by investment option for you and your family to become Saint-Lucia citizens

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Frequently Asked Questions about Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

The taxation system does not include wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains taxes. However, domestic activities are subject to personal income tax rates.

To apply as the main applicant you must be at least 18 years of age and someone of outstanding character. You must not have a criminal record (*please consult us if you do).

It is important that all applicants to the program have an original birth certificate in order to be issued the Saint Lucian passport. Unlike some other citizenship programs that require just a notarized or apostilled copy of the birth certificate from country of birth, St.Lucia is unique in that it requires the original copy.

Other required documents include a current passport, a valid national identification such as a drivers license, bank statements, professional reference letter, police certificate, university certificates / other potential academic certificates, amongst other documents. You will also need to do a medical examination and be in excellent health. Provided you are not able to obtain certain documents in some instances you may do a statutory declaration.

For Americans, one of the advantages of doing the citizenship programme when compared to some others is that documents just require notarization and there are less documents involved in the process.

You will need to provide a police certificate from the country where you currently live, a country where you have lived for more than one year during the last 10 years and potentially from your country of birth.

*Please consult us and we can advise and assist you obtain a police certificate where necessary.

Step 1: Please provide an electronic picture copy of your passport. We need to know your current citizenship and will do an internal diligence background check on you and your family members.

Step 2: We will prepare the initial documentation for you to complete to start the application for citizenship process which will include an application contact form and consent form, letter of engagement confirming all fees and initial invoice for payment. We will share with you internal documents specific to your case.

Step 3: We will go over all the documents that you need to complete and obtain. There are a lot of paperwork requirements and we will guide you throughout the entire citizenship process. We will review documents on an ongoing basis and help you with the entire application process. We will let you know if additional documents are required after doing a preliminary review of your file.

Step 4: Payment of the nonrefundable due diligence fees, processing fee & application fee to start the process in advance. (Provided you wish for the due diligence process to be started sooner to accelerate your application you can provide minimal documents and make payment of the non-refundable due diligence fees.)

Step 5: Send us the completed citizenship application (original documents) once the file is complete and reviewed. We will prepare everything for document submission.

Step 6: Your full application will be submitted in physical copy and we will follow up with the citizenship by investment unit committee. You will receive an official confirmation of application submission. The citizenship by investment unit committee will conduct due diligence checks.

Step 7: Once approved you will make the non-refundable government donation. We will also have you complete a passport application form.

Step 8: We will prepare documents and collect your passport. The final steps are issuance of passports.

Step 9: We will confirm with you where you would like us to send the passports. We will return all passport documents and internal documents that belong to you that are in our possession.

To do the citizenship by investment programme the following is required:

  • primary applicant must be at least 18 years of age
  • primary applicant must satisfy the minimum qualifying investment
  • primary applicant must provide proof of source of funds for the investment
  • primary applicant and other qualifying dependents must pass due diligence checks
  • all applicants must provide complete and honest disclosure in their citizenship application.
  • A spouse of the main applicant can qualify as a dependent. You must provide a valid marriage certificate. St.Lucia does not recognize common law partnerships or gay marriage.
  • A child of the principal applicant or child of the spouse who is below the age of 21 years.
  • A child of the principal applicant or child of the spouse who is not older than thirty years of age and is financially dependent and supported by the principal applicant or spouse
  • A child of any age can be included provided they are physically or mentally challenged. Documentation must be provided to support this.
  • Dependent parents: Parents of the main applicant or spouse who are above the age of fifty five and who are supported by them
  • Any parent who is physically or mentally challenged and is fully supported by the applicant
  • An unmarried sibling of the principal applicant or spouse who is not married and is below the age of 18 and has received consent from biological parents or guardian
There are many citizenship benefits which include;
  • Minimal hassle compared to other CBI programmes.
  • Passport holders enjoy a high level of visa-free access to over 140 countries including lot’s of countries in central and South America, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Investment requirement only due upon successful approval for citizenship
  • Most affordable citizenship by investment program for a sole applicant with an economic contribution starting at US$100,000
  • Quick pathway to citizenship; citizenship can be obtained in 3-6 months
  • Family inclusive programme; a qualifying dependent can get Saint Lucian citizenship and passport
  • Facility of doing business in the country: According to do Doing Business Report Saint Lucia ranked the 77th country for ease of doing business

There are not many disadvantages to doing the St.Lucia citizenship by investment. Most of the disadvantages stem from the fact that the program is relatively new and that St.Lucia is not as pro-active on the international scene.

  • Less visa free travel: Saint Lucia has less visa free travel compared to other Caribbean citizenship by investment programs. You do not have visa free travel to Russia or China. There is less international push by Saint Lucia to try to gain visa free to other countries.
  • New program: Saint Lucia is a lesser known program and has not had a long history. You may be stopped when going through borders and customs to verify that the country of Saint Lucia exists.
  • Lack of experience: The citizenship program is fairly new and St.Lucia does not have as much experience in the citizenship business

Saint Lucia is considered a safe country with stable economic and political conditions.

General Information about St. Lucia

St.Lucia is located in the Caribbean between the islands of Martinique and St.Vincent and the island is approximately 620 square kilometers. The local population of this Caribbean country is just over 180,000.St.Lucia is a member of the British Commonwealth, CARICOM, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and other organizations.

Fast Facts:

Location: 13.9° N & 60.9° W | Lesser Antilles, West Indies (Caribbean)

Size: 617 km2

Population: 185 k

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars | USD is also accepted

Government: Parliamentary System | Commonwealth

Economy: Tourism | Agriculture | Financial Services

Language: English | French Creole

Religion: Christian – Roman Catholic | Multi-denominational

Culture: Traditional Caribbean | Anglo/Franco

Cost of Living: Moderate to High | Tax-Friendly

Quality of Life: Active | Relaxed | Freedom


* Visa on arrival

The list of countries is subject to change depending on each government’s policy including access to each country.


  • Botswana
  • Cape Verde*
  • Comoros*
  • Djibouti*
  • Egypt*
  • Gambia
  • Guinea-Bissau*
  • Kenya
  • Lesotho*
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* Visa on arrival

The list of countries is subject to change depending on each government’s policy including access to each country.