Why get a second passport?

Getting a second passport

If you wish to travel abroad, you definitely need to acquire a passport. A passport book is a small booklet that grants tons of travel opportunities to the person who has one. Not all passports are equal. Many people come from countries with weak passports (such as Syria or Afghanistan for example) and as a result have limited opportunities to travel and live in the place that they desire. 

Thankfully, individuals with dual citizenship can come from a country with a bad passport and still be able to experience international life with ease by having a second passport from a country that has a strong passport. In a world that is becoming more globalized by the hour, many people can have two nationalities and passports. A second passport can often be obtained through descent, birthright, marriage or citizenship by investment. 

Can you have two passports at the same time?

Yes, you can have two passports at the same time (depending on your country of citizenship). People who have dual citizenship are considered citizens of two different countries and can therefore obtain a second passport if they wish. Most countries in the world allow their citizens to hold second citizenship and acquire more than one valid passport, but not all.

There is technically no limit to the number of passports an individual may have. Nonetheless, a person’s access to multiple passports may be limited by the laws of their country. Some countries, like Germany and the Netherlands, only offer dual citizenship under certain conditions. A few countries in Africa and Asia, outright ban or criminalize the possession of dual citizenship (source).

Dual citizenship is acquired through one of the following methods:

  • Ancestry: If the parents or grandparents of an individual have a different nationality, it can be inherited by them in some cases. The laws regarding this vary between countries, as some deny this right or have certain restrictions for eligible people.
  • Marriage: In many countries, contracting matrimonally with a national makes someone eligible for residency and therefore a second passport. Despite this, some countries, like Germany, demand certain actions from a foreign spouse before granting them the full rights of a citizen (source). These include living in the country for a certain number of years before being able to process a citizenship application. 
  • Naturalization: This is a process in which a person receives lawful permanent residency in a country after meeting certain requirements. The rules that govern naturalization are dependent on a nation’s immigration laws. Some countries allow foreigners to receive citizenship via investment programs.

What is the point of having two passports?

Carrying two passports brings many benefits to individuals. Not only do people with two passports have easier access to international travel, but they also have more freedom to choose how they want to travel, do business,  pay taxes, and live their life.

Benefits of getting a second passport

These are the benefits of getting a second passport:

  1. Travel the world at your own leisure (increased visa free travel) 
  2. Expand your financial options (be a citizen of a tax friendly country) 
  3. Create a better future for your children (increased opportunities and educational opportunities) 
  4. Enjoy the security perks of dual citizenship (safety) 
  5. Improve your quality of life

1. Travel the world at your own leisure

One of the main perks of having a second passport is the ability to easily cross international borders. Holders of dual citizenship can work freely, own property, and travel inside their country of citizenship with fewer bureaucratic inconveniences. A second passport increases one’s options to access different markets. 

The possession of a highly ranked passport allows someone to travel and stay in foreign countries for an extended period without the need for a tourist visa or residence permit in a lot of cases. As a citizen of a ‘good country,’’ you may avoid the hassle of being questioned about your travel motives by customs authorities. This helps many travelers avoid a great deal of trouble.

The cultural horizons of people with dual citizenship are also wider than those of the general population. Individuals with two passports gain the chance of immersing themselves in the culture of two countries, together with the possibility of traveling to other places with fewer restrictions.

For instance, if your current passport was issued by the Indian government, there are very few countries in the world you can travel to. However, if you are granted a St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment programs, more than 150 countries will be available to you, including many popular tourist destinations such as Great Britain, the Schengen area, Malta, and the Bahamas.

Likewise, people pursuing academic opportunities abroad will have a much easier time achieving their goals if they have a second passport. The same applies to entrepreneurs looking for partnerships and investment opportunities outside their home country.

2. Expand your financial options

Citizens of two countries have more freedom to choose where they work and invest their money. Economic citizenship provides a passport holder with a wide variety of options, including what bank to trust their money with, what kind of investments to participate in, and what assets to acquire. If you’re a business owner with a weak passport or an overly corrupt government, obtaining another nationality might be a good investment. 

In many countries, it is common practice to limit property ownership to only nationals. People with dual citizenship have the right to own property in both the country that issued their primary passport as well as the second one. Not only is owning more than one property convenient for the sort of person who has to split their life between two or more locations, but also an effective way for an entrepreneur to secure his or her assets.

3. Create a better future for your children

Citizenship issued by investment programs may be transferable to family members like your spouse and children. This includes children who are yet to be born. Children with dual citizenship may have access to better schools and colleges, as they will be eligible to go to the finest institutions at an international level. Depending on the country, your children may be able to receive an education at reduced rates, or even for free.

Many countries invest heavily in their educational systems, providing free, quality education for all. In some cases, the government also provides school supplies, books, and even transportation. While extended visas are often denied to students due to fears of them overstaying their visas, this restriction doesn’t apply to certain nationalities.

For example, someone with a Malta passport is an official member of the EU and has many choices regarding where they or their children study, work and live. European or Caribbean citizenship may also improve the academic opportunities of people by helping them extend a student or work visa once their studies have been completed.

4. Enjoy the security perks of dual citizenship

The instability currently faced by many nations can create a generalized feeling of uncertainty, hindering one’s economic and social life in their home country. Many people belong to ethnic or social groups that are harassed by their fellow countrymen due to outdated preconceptions. Sometimes a second passport is needed to stay away from discrimination or even prosecution.

Access to robust financial institutions guarantees one’s money and assets are safe from unjust government takeovers or indiscriminate tax rates. Many families have seen their livelihoods devastated due to corrupt autocratic regimes, as has been the case in countries like Venezuela and Zimbabwe. If civil liberties were to be cut in your country, a second passport grants you the rights of an international citizen, and therefore the chance to leave.

5. Improve your quality of life

Obtaining citizenship in the Caribbean can offer you and your family a more laid-back and safe lifestyle, far away from the troubles of the world. Living in an idyllic place where you can enjoy the open sea, fresh air, and the fresh catch from the sea can also have a positive effect on a person’s overall health, adding some extra years to your life.

The quality of healthcare in your home country might leave you wishing to seek out other options. In many countries, undernourished public health systems force many people to opt for private alternatives, whose for-profit approach to healthcare can have a drastic impact on a person’s finances. Dual citizenship may give a person access to the social and health services of two different countries, giving individuals more chances to stay healthy.

How to get a second passport

If you’re a citizen of a country where other countries impose strict visa requirements for you to enter their country, you may find it very difficult to travel abroad. Constantly having to apply for visas can be time consuming and stressful. By obtaining a second passport, the opportunity to travel without the need for a visa for the rest of your life is available to you. 

An investment advisor can help you obtain a second passport and travel freely around the world. Doing a citizenship by investment program can lead to many economic advantages, such as being able to open a bank account in a foreign country and expanding your investments internationally.

If you’re looking to acquire a second passport, the experts in citizenship by investment at JH Marlin Law have the skills and experience you need. With vast legal expertise in Canadian and Caribbean law, JH Marlin Law is ready to supply top-tier passport services, along with corporate commercial law and real estate related services. 

JH Marlin’s main office is located in the beautiful Caribbean nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, where great offshore laws and its citizen by investment program offer people with weak passports the chance to create an international life for themselves and their families. The firm also helps many Americans and Canadians looking to escape controlling governments. Likewise, those interested can invest in dual citizenship or residency in various countries around the world.

Successful applicants of citizenship by investment are granted a lifetime and irrevocable citizenship, without the need for them to live in the country they have become a citizen of. The family of new citizens may also receive citizenship, as well as their future children, depending on the citizenship by investment program chosen. Successfully applying for citizenship grants access to the healthcare and education systems of a country, in addition to the right to work, open a bank account, and live peacefully as a permanent resident in the country of citizenship.

Obtain a second passport