Why Get Citizenship By Investment In Malta?

Why Get Citizenship By Investment In Malta

Malta has one of the most competitive citizenship by investment programs available today. This beautiful Mediterranean island nation boasts some of Europe’s highest living standards and lies in a strategic location for business. These facts make it an ideal place for those seeking international mobility and security. By opting for citizenship by investment in Malta, individuals have the chance to become part of this vibrant community and experience all that it has to offer, from world-class healthcare and education systems to business opportunities.

What Is Citizenship By Investment?

Citizenship by investment is a process where an individual can obtain citizenship and a passport of a country by investing a certain amount of money in that country. This type of citizenship is usually offered by countries that have a thriving economy and a stable political environment. The amount of money required for citizenship by investment varies from country. 

In exchange for the investment, the individual is granted citizenship and all the benefits that come with it, such as access to healthcare, education, and the ability to travel visa-free to many countries. Citizenship by investment is becoming increasingly popular among wealthy individuals who want to expand their business, take advantage of travel opportunities, or secure a second citizenship as a backup plan.

Malta, one of the safest countries in Europe, offers a program through which people can obtain Maltese citizenship in exchange for contributions to the country’s economic development. Gaining Maltese citizenship is an appealing option for many foreign investors looking to expand their businesses abroad while gaining access to world-class infrastructure and services.

Through the Maltese citizenship program, applicants can make a real estate investment or direct investment into the country’s economy and pay certain diligence fees associated with the application process in order to become citizens. It takes approximately one year from start to finish before receiving a certificate of citizenship after all due diligence processes have been completed satisfactorily.

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Why Malta Citizenship By Investment?

Malta is one of the most popular countries offering citizenship by investment. It’s a European Union member that provides access to an EU passport and all the benefits associated with it, such as visa-free travel across Europe’s Schengen area.

Successful applicants receive their certificate of naturalization and become citizens of Malta. They may also apply to include family members such as unmarried children with a financial dependency in their application.  One of the main advantages of opting for Malta’s citizenship by investment program is that you don’t need to give up your current nationality when applying, as dual citizenship is allowed. Additionally, investment applicants can rest assured that Malta’s citizenship by investment program offers reliable protection for their families and assets now and long into the future.

 What Are The Benefits Of Getting Malta Citizenship By Investment?

Malta’s citizenship by investment program provides foreign investors with the opportunity to obtain a Maltese passport and Maltese citizenship. While applicants must go through a four-tier due diligence process before they can be considered eligible, the requirements are quite straightforward and the program offers numerous benefits.

Becoming a citizen of Malta offers advantages such as visa-free travel throughout Europe and access to medical services and education opportunities not available in other countries. Through this program, foreign investors can benefit from greater freedom and security while expanding their business or investment portfolio into different markets.

Visa-Free Travel

One of the key benefits of Malta citizenship is access to visa-free travel. Malta offers its citizens exceptional services, including visa-free access to more than 150 countries and territories worldwide. This includes countries within the European Union (EU). Moreover, your certificate of naturalization and your residence card entitle you to unrestricted travel throughout the EU’s Schengen zone. With a valid Maltese passport, travelers can take advantage of their newfound freedom by visiting exciting new places across the globe, all without needing to worry about obtaining prior authorization or dealing with tedious paperwork. 

Freedom Of Movement Within The EU

Malta’s citizenship by investment program offers individuals the opportunity to gain European citizenship and with it access to freedom of movement within European countries. Permanent residence card holders are entitled to live, work and study in any member state of the European Union without restrictions.

This makes Malta’s citizenship by investment scheme ideal for those from countries who would otherwise struggle to meet stringent immigration rules set out by other European nations when applying for visas. With its favorable conditions and low requirements, it provides a straightforward route to acquiring European citizenship, something which could open up many doors both socially and professionally.

The Malta Citizenship By Investment Saves Time

The Malta citizenship by investment program provides an efficient process for foreign individuals interested in making non-refundable financial investments in the country, such as purchasing property or investing in development projects. The program is far faster than most traditional methods of obtaining citizenship, which often involve long waiting periods and cumbersome residency processes. For example, some countries require that you live within the state borders for at least five years before being eligible, which can be time-consuming and expensive. 

With Malta’s citizenship program, one may become a citizen after only 12 months with no need to worry about long-term commitments. Quick processing times paired with a lower financial commitment in comparison to some programs make Maltese citizenship through investment an effective way to gain your passport quickly. However, note that Malta citizenship by investment is the most expensive citizenship by investment program, but the passport does offer the highest level of visa free travel. 

The different types of citizenship

Passports For Your Whole Family

The Malta citizenship by investment program offers a great opportunity to gain citizenship for your entire family. Through this program, you can get fast-track passports for yourself as well as for all members of your family, including minor children, adult children up to 28 years old, and dependent parents or grandparents. 

Once approved, your whole family can become citizens of Malta with full rights and legal protection under Maltese law. Moreover, they will receive a European passport which allows them visa-free travel within Schengen states and around the world.

International Business

The Maltese government looks favorably on foreign investment in commercial activities and has created a number of incentives to attract entrepreneurs from around the globe. Having a European passport grants Maltese nationals visa-free travel within the Schengen area, giving them further freedom and flexibility when doing business in other countries.

If you’re looking for an efficient way to enter into international business or go to school abroad without worrying about visas or complicated immigration processes then opting for citizenship by investment in Malta may be your best bet. 

Eligibility For Malta Citizenship By Investment

To be eligible for Maltese citizenship, foreign persons must make investments in real estate or make donations to the government. Applicants are also expected to reside at least 12 months out of five years prior to making their citizenship application. After this period of residency, they will receive a residence card that confirms their status as residents which allows them to stay in the country permanently if desired.

As part of the due diligence check required before granting citizenship, applicants must pass background checks including criminal investigations checks. Additionally, all new citizens should be proficient in one of Malta’s official languages (English or Maltese) to successfully complete their citizenship application.  Dual citizenship is allowed under Maltese law. 

Is Malta Investment Citizenship Permanent?

International investors making direct investments in the Maltese are granted permanent residency rights.

In addition to getting citizenship for life with advantageous tax exposure, successful applicants only have to spend a short residency period within the country. This gives investors enough time to make travel arrangements for themselves and their families.

Citizenship by investment vs. residency by investment 

Apply For Malta Citizenship By Investment

Malta’s investor citizenship program is a great choice for high-net-worth individuals looking to gain access to an international business system. This European nation offers more than just a passport; it also provides economic stability, security, and social development. With its status as one of the world’s most successful financial centers, Malta offers many benefits that other nations cannot match.

To be eligible for the Citizenship by investment program, foreign nationals must meet certain criteria such as having no international sanctions against them, being able to provide a cover letter proving the source of funds, and meeting language requirements among other conditions. The best way to approach the application process is by hiring the services of legal experts specialized in Maltese citizenship by investment legislation.

At JH Marlin, we can help you fulfill all the Malta citizenship by investment requirements swiftly, including completing the several diligence stages designed to ensure you meet the residency requirements. Likewise, if you’re interested in owning or renting real estate on the island and staying there, we can help you with all the documents and procedures you need. 

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