Why Get Citizenship By Investment in St Lucia?

Why Get Citizenship By Investment in St Lucia

Are you looking for a safe haven to live and work? Saint Lucia, an island nation in the Caribbean, is quickly becoming one of the most desirable places for those seeking citizenship by investment. Citizenship by investment in this beautiful island country can grant an individual, their spouse, and other eligible family members access to its stunning natural beauty, perfect weather year-round, low tax rates, strong economic growth, and much more. In this article, we explain why getting citizenship by investment in St. Lucia is such a great opportunity.

Is St Lucia Citizenship Worth It?

Saint Lucia has an attractive citizenship by investment program to individuals looking for dual citizenship and visa-free travel. The minimum investment required is relatively low compared to other countries that offer similar programs, making it a great option for those who want to invest less in citizenship.

Successful applicants and additional dependents get to enjoy many advantages. For starters, Saint Lucia’s citizenship program offers investors various ways to gain entry into one of the most desirable locations for permanent residence. Its excellent climate, stunning landscapes, and relaxed lifestyle combined with the added benefit of international travel rights make this country an ideal place for anyone wanting to take advantage of all that it has to offer while gaining valuable rights as a citizen.

In addition to obtaining citizenship, applicants can enjoy a range of benefits associated with being a citizen of Saint Lucia. These include potential tax savings on income derived from outside of Saint Lucia, no restrictions on dual nationality or property ownership, and visa-free access to many countries worldwide. For those seeking more than just financial gains from their citizenship application process, these additional benefits make becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia even more appealing.

The process for obtaining citizenship by investment in St. Lucia has been designed to be fast and easy. In most cases, a primary applicant working alongside a qualified licensed agent will become a citizen only 3-8 months after the initial application.

Are citizenship by investment programs worth it?

How Much Is Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment?

Citizenship by investment in Saint Lucia is an attractive option for those seeking second citizenship. Depending on the number of qualifying dependents included in the application, applicants may need to pay over US $100,000 USD in donation fees. Saint Lucia is the best priced citizenship by investment program for single applicants. 

The Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) of the Office of the Prime Minister administers this program and requires prospective citizens to make a non-refundable contribution towards national economic fund or alternatively choose another option designated option for obtaining St.Lucia citizenship by investment. Likewise, those wishing to obtain Saint Lucian citizenship through real estate investments can purchase approved properties for at least $200,000 USD along with an additional donation. Additional fees include land transfer fees, legal costs, and due diligence checks as part of its requirements. 

A Saint Lucia citizenship certificate and passport may also be obtained by investing in government bonds. When doing so, applicants are expected to investment a minimum value of $300,000 USD in government bonds to be held for a five year period. A US$50,000 government donation fee is also applicable. 

Is St Lucia Passport Powerful?

The St. Lucia passport is one of the most powerful passports in the Caribbean. Not only do passport holders enjoy visa-free travel to over 120 countries, but they have the ability to pass on their citizenship as well as gain access to investments such as investing in government bonds. 

Saint Lucia’s citizenship by investment program offers a variety of benefits that make it an attractive option for those looking to become citizens of this beautiful island nation. It provides a great opportunity for those wishing to obtain a second passport quickly and securely without having to go through lengthy naturalization processes and provides access to greater economic security and freedom.

How Can I Get a St Lucia Passport By Investment?

Getting a St Lucia passport by investment requires making a minimum investment in the country. Investment contributions are welcomed by the government and foreign investments can be made directly into projects or indirectly via a special fund designated by the St Lucian government.

The process involves submitting all required documents along with proof of payment of applicable fees before obtaining approval from relevant authorities. After this, an official certificate of citizenship will be issued granting full rights and privileges associated with being a citizen of St Lucia. Investors can benefit from fast-track processing times while enjoying exclusive advantages offered by the country’s citizenship by investment program.

There are four main investment routes for principal applicants:

  • An investment in the Saint Lucian National Economic Fund: A sole investor can make a $100,000 minimum contribution (plus legal, processing, and diligence fees) to a government donation fund to become a citizen. Citizenship by donation for an applicant with a spouse requires a $140,000 contribution and there is an additional price for every included dependent.
  • Investing in government-approved real estate: Citizenship by investment can be acquired by investing in hotels, resorts, boutique properties, real estate developments, and other projects. The property must be over $200,000 in value and be maintained for a 5-year period. Additional fees are applicable. 
  • Enterprise projects: This method involves a $3,500,000 minimum investment requirement (alongside diligence fees) for a sole investor, with a minimum of $1,000,000 for any partners (up to 6).
  • Bond relief: This consists of a $300,000 bond with a five-year holding period (and a $50,000 administrative fee) for a single applicant and other eligible family members.

What Are The Benefits Of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment?

Investing in St Lucia’s citizenship program offers a wide range of advantages. Beneficiaries are granted full privileges with regards to visa-free travel, and can enjoy all that comes with being a citizen of St Lucia including access to excellent healthcare services, low unemployment rates, and high quality of life standards.

Visa-Free Travel To Over 120 Countries

Becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia is an attractive option for those who want to gain access to international travel. One of the major benefits of an economic contribution in Saint Lucia is being able to travel to over 120 countries visa-free, including Hong Kong and countries in the Schengen area. 

Having a St Lucian passport grants you the ability to enjoy unrestricted travel without having to apply for and pay for visas every time you wish to enter another country. This allows travelers to move freely across nations with minimal restrictions and paperwork requirements.

The freedom provided by Saint Lucia’s citizenship by investment program means more than just hassle-free vacations in exotic locations. It also offers you the chance to do business easily across borders and take your enterprise projects to the international scene, expanding your reach into different markets.

Why do a specific citizenship by investment program?

Fast Processing From 3 To 8 Months

Applying for citizenship by investment in St Lucia is a fast process. Most applicants only have to wait 3 to 6 months to acquire their Caribbean citizenship. This allows potential investors to obtain their citizenship quickly in comparison to other countries, where obtaining dual citizenship can take several years.

No Physical Residency Requirements

There are no physical residency requirements for applicants. This means you won’t have to live in the country for a certain period before becoming eligible for citizenship. Obtaining citizenship through investment in Saint Lucia can provide significant benefits over long-term residence permits. It allows citizens easy access across borders and certain economic rights, including a possible lower tax rate by relocating to St.Lucia. 

Citizenship by investment vs residency by investment 

Tax Optimization

Saint Lucia citizenship benefits include a variety of tax optimization options. Through the country’s citizenship by investment program, you can possibly enjoy potential worldwide income and inheritance tax reliefs depending on how you structure your taxes and residency/citizenship. It is important to always consult a qualified tax advisor for your specific situation. 

In addition, Saint Lucia’s citizenship by investment program also provides certain tax benefits for citizens such as potentially no personal income tax rate on foreign incomes and no capital gains taxes or inheritance taxes.

Apply For St Lucia Citizenship By Investment

The decision to become a citizen of Saint Lucia is one that should be taken seriously. With its attractive tax system, powerful passport, tropical benefits, and business investment opportunities, it offers tremendous advantages to those looking to make a long-term investment in their future.

For those who are interested in applying, a specialist in immigration law can turn their application for citizenship from a daunting endeavor to a simple legal procedure. At JH Marlin, we are ready to help you with the entire process of becoming a citizen of Saint Lucia. If you’re looking forward to making a real estate investment in Saint Lucia, we can help you find a suitable investment in government-approved real estate.

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