9 Best Waterfalls in St. Lucia

With over 20 different waterfalls in St. Lucia –scattered across the island, chasing these cascading chutes is no futile endeavor. Some are trickier to access, requiring full-on hikes to secluded locations deep in the forest but many are easily found from the island’s main roads and all of them are distinctly beautiful. 

Here are the 6 Top Waterfalls in St. Lucia.

1. La Tille Waterfalls

Arguably one of the best spots to visit waterfalls in St. Lucia, La Tille Falls is characterized by its robust showers that congregate into a spacious tropical pool surrounded by a beautiful garden. Found on the eastern side of the island, the site is carefully tended by native Rastafarian elders who have vowed to maintain its splendor and for an added bonus you can enjoy a fish pedicure in a nearby pond.

2. Piton Waterfalls

On the way to the Jalousie plantation at the foothills of the Pitons, experience the Piton Waterfalls in Maljretout, St. Lucia. A short walk from the entrance and on the way to Petit Piton, there is a subdued fall that expresses a warm shower from a 30 ft drop. Experience the island’s natural hydrotherapy as you soak in the warmth of the three separate thermal pools at its base. 

3. Errard Falls

This amazing waterfall is the largest on our list and certainly not to be missed.  Errard falls is one of two waterfalls found on the east coast of St. Lucia and is perhaps the most scenic display of them all. The 60 ft drop is also known as Dennery Falls or Sault Falls and is at the end of a short hike through the rainforest not far from the Treetop Adventure Park.

4. Belle Vue

This collection of hidden waterfalls is not to be overlooked.  At the end of a rope-clad descent through thick jungle, is a beautiful river valley where you will encounter multiple shoots gushing from the caves and cliff above. The journey continues as you scale boulders along the cold clear river bed to the main waterfall and pool.

5. Toraille Fall

Located just in the town of Soufriere, Toraille Falls is another very popular waterfall location in St. Lucia partly due to its accessibility – it’s just a small walk from the road. The 50-ft shower in a tropical garden complete with souvenir shops and quaint eateries is a great convenience after a wallow in the sulphury mud at the volcano. 

6. Diamond Waterfall

Visit the chameleon waters of the Diamond Waterfall, although not for a swim. It is located on a beautifully preserved estate and is one of the many focal points at the Diamond Botanical Gardens of Soufriere. Rich with minerals like copper sulfate, magnesium, iron, manganese and calcium, the water appears to change color and can be harsh to the skin.  Not to worry, Soufriere offers plenty of other swim-friendly freshwater falls for you to enjoy.  

7. Superman Waterfall

Go on an easy hike lined with tropical fruit trees and flowers and emerge in a literal movie scene.  Experience the same 50 ft cascade which was featured in the 1980 film Superman II where the Man of Steel hand picked flowers for his love Lois Lane. It remains a beautiful depiction of St. Lucia’s natural charm featuring a lush garden and more of St. Lucia’s signature therapeutic mud. 

8. Spyke Falls

This terraced waterfall in Anse-la-Raye is at the end of a 30-40 minute nature walk up a steadily inclining trail. The 100 m drop is nestled in a gorge of beautiful plant life and features a large pond at the bottom of its cascading steps. Its a lesser known fall but still very much worth the trip.

9. Ravine Serpent Falls

Just outside the town of Blanchard in the southeast you can find 7 beautiful waterfalls pouring from between giant boulders that fit together like puzzle pieces. Though you are guaranteed to enjoy each one of the fern and heliconia lined spectacles, the main attraction is certainly the Holy Grail Falls which is the tallest and most luxurious of them all.

10. Sapphire Falls & Jungle Spa

Get pampered by nature at the Sapphire Falls & Jungle Spa found off the beaten path deep in the lush green rainforest of Malgretout.  Allow the waterfall to massage your back, and steep yourself in its warm soothing pond.  Lather your body in the golden, copper enriched mud that will leave your skin baby smooth. 

The waterfalls, beaches and lush rainforest aren’t the only things attracting visitors to St. Lucia, Find out why more people are making the Caribbean island of St. Lucia a part of their own personal legacy.

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