Grenada Citizenship by Investment for 2024

Grenada Citizenship by Investment for 2024

Grenada is a small beautiful Caribbean island known for stunning waterfalls,  lush rainforests and friendly people. Grenada offers a unique way for foreign nationals to acquire citizenship through investing in the country’s citizenship by investment program. The Grenada citizenship by investment programme (CBI program) was first established in 2013 and has since increased in popularity becoming known as one of the top programs in the Caribbean. Funds invested in the country through this program help with the overall economic growth and development of the country. 

Overview of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program 

Grenada CBI program is a family friendly option for citizenship. The program is known for its reputation and quality due diligence background checks. The timeline for obtaining citizenship varies on a case by case basis. The entire process can take 5-7 months to get citizenship, with some applications taking longer and some applications taking less time. If you are in a rush to get citizenship, it is always best to start the process sooner rather than waiting until the last minute. 

Primary Benefits of Grenadian Citizenship

  • Visa-Free Travel: Grenadian passport holders enjoy visa-free access to over 140+ countries including Hong Kong and other major destinations. For many people around the world, having increased visa-free travel is life changing. 
  • Family inclusive: possibility to include the entire family. Investors can include their parents, grandparents, spouse, dependent children and adult children that meet certain age and dependency requirements. 
  • Citizenship for Life: Once a citizen, you have the citizenship for your entire lifetime. 
  • Dual citizenship is permitted. Grenada allows for its citizens to hold multiple citizenships. 
  • Quality of life: Grenadian citizens have a high quality of life in a peaceful friendly environment. There are many activities and services on island. 
  • Tax benefits: You may be able to access potential tax benefits depending on how you structure your taxes. There are no inheritance taxes, gift taxes or wealth taxes in Grenada. 
  • No residency requirement: there is no requirement to relocate to Grenada to obtain citizenship. The entire process can be done from a distance. 
  • Business opportunities: You have the right to live, work and do business in Grenada. Through global mobility and the flexibility of freedom of movement in the OECS you can access more business opportunities. 

Requirements for Applicants: 

  • The primary applicant must be at least 18 years of age 
  • Applicants must have a clean background 
  • The primary applicant must be capable of making the minimum investment/meet financial requirements 

Investment Options for citizenship

1) Non-Refundable Contribution (Citizenship by Donation)

Investors can choose to make a non-refundable donation to the National Transformation Fund. The minimum donation for a single investor starts at US$150,000. For a married couple the minimum contribution is US$200,000. For a family of 4 the costs are also US$200,000.

The government donation is often the simplest way to obtain citizenship through investment.

2) Government-Approved Real Estate option

Applicants can opt to invest in government-approved real estate projects starting at US$350,000. In addition to the real estate investment, an additional contribution of US$50,000 is required. Under the real estate option the ownership period is a minimum of five years meaning that an investor cannot sell their share of ownership for a minimum of five years.

For all options there are due diligence fees, processing fees, government fees, passport fees and other fees associated with an application. For a detailed cost quote specific to your case you can contact us.

Steps for a Citizenship by Investment Application: A quick overview 

Step 1: Provide an electronic copy of your passport 

Step 2: JH Marlin will prepare the initial documentation for you to complete to start the citizenship application process. 

Step 3: JH Marlin will go over all the documents that you need to complete and obtain. At JH Marlin, we will assist with the preparation of documents.

Step 4: Payment of due diligence & processing fees closer to the time of submission of your application to the citizenship by investment unit. 

Step 5: Send via courier the completed citizenship application once the file is deemed complete and reviewed. Your application will then be finalized prior to submission to the citizenship unit. 

Step 6: Your full application will be submitted to the citizenship by investment unit and follow up will be done regularly with the CIU. Your application will undergo a due diligence process and due diligence checks will be carried out on all persons included in the application. 

Step 7: Successful applicants will receive a formal letter for citizenship approval. Only once approved will the principle applicant make the donation contribution. The citizenship by investment unit will then issue a certificate of citizenship for all new citizens. 

Step 8: Documents will be prepared and we will arrange for your passports to be collected. 

JH Marlin will provide professional guidance throughout the application process. 

What fees are involved for Grenada Citizenship by Investment? 

In addition to the financial contributions (either through donation or real estate investment) there is a passport fee per applicant, due diligence fee per family member, document shipping fee, application processing fee amongst other fees. The total costs depend on the family composition. At JH Marlin, we always provide detailed cost quotes for all applications. 

Required Documents Summary: 

A comprehensive list will be provided to you when you become a client. Here is a quick summary of document requirements: valid current passport, birth certificate, national identification such as a drivers license, police certificate, medical examination document, marriage certificate, application form, complete government forms amongst other documents. You will need to demonstrate source of funds and provide documentation for this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Larger families may wish to do Grenada citizenship by investment. Alternatively Antigua & Barbuda offers a special option for families of 6, called the University of West Indies fund, where the donation for a family of 6 is US$150,000. The ability to include your entire family will be dependent on their ages, relationship to you and other criteria. To determine whether or not a family member qualifies for citizenship please contact us. 

There are only a handful of citizenship by investment countries around the world.

Caribbean countries: 

  • Antigua & Barbuda 
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Saint Lucia 
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis 

Other countries: 

  • Malta
  • Turkey 
  • Vanuatu 

New citizenship programs are emerging around the world. Contact us for the latest update. 

Grenada is a popular citizenship option for many of our clients. The Grenada passport is a strong passport to have in your back pocket for a time in need. Grenada is an E2 visa treaty country, meaning that Grenadian passport holders can be potentially eligible to apply for an E-2 visa to the US. With the passport you have a high level of visa free travel including visa free travel to China. Grenada is just outside of the hurricane belt, making it a safer option for investment. 

Our legal team and advisory team at JH Marlin can provide expert guidance on the process of acquiring a second passport. We have helped over one thousand people successfully obtain citizenship. JH Marlin is your dedicated partner when it comes to citizenship by investment. We can provide more detailed information so that you and your family can make an informed decision. We promise to be dedicated, responsive and professional throughout the entire process.