Saint Kitts Citizenship By Investment

The oldest program offering citizenship by investment is the Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment program. The program has been in operation since 1984 and is known to be the platinum brand for citizenship by investment.  Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment can be obtained by making a donation into the Sustainable Growth Fund (SD) starting at USD 150,000 or by making an investment in real estate that must be kept for a number of years. The majority of people opt for the donation option as it is a quicker and simpler process.

In order to start the process to become a citizen of Saint Kitts, a client must select a local agent to assist them with the process of making a citizenship by investment application. Once the selection of an agent has been made, the client will be provided with the forms and a list of documents required to complete a successful citizenship application. The agent will provide guidance and assistance to help the client prepare documents. Once the documents are completed, the agent will submit the citizenship by investment application along with the required due diligence fees. The agent will follow up with the Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment unit and will notify you of any updates with your file. Once a citizenship file is approved, the agent will receive an acceptance letter and will notify the client of their acceptance. Only upon acceptance will the client be required to make the donation payment. Once payment has been received by the Citizenship by Investment Unit, a Certificate of Citizenship will be issued. An application for a passport will be completed by the client and the agent will then submit the application to the Saint Kitts and Nevis Passport Office and make payment of the requisite fees. The entire process for Saint Kitts Citizenship by Investment takes approximately 3 to 8 months.

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