ANTIGUA and Barbuda citizenship by investment

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program


What is Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment (CBI) program?

Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program was launched by the Honourable Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda in 2013 and was recently reinvigorated to compete with other similar Caribbean programs. This cut the cost of citizenship in half, becoming one of the most affordable citizenship by investment options for a family of four. The minimum investment starts at US$100,000 with a US$30,000 government processing fee. The process to obtain a second passport from Antigua & Barbuda can take around 6 months.

Antigua & Barbuda form an independent democratic federation in the Eastern Caribbean and its government is very enthusiastic about procuring investors by diversifying its financial options, ramping up technology and embracing crypto exchange locally. Its central location in the Caribbean lends itself to international accessibility with the revamped V.C. Bird International Airport serving as a vital hub for globe-trotters, with daily direct flights to London, New York, Miami, and Toronto. Antigua and Barbuda is located close to the Caribbean Islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis, Montserrat, and Anguilla.


Looking for a CBI program in a beautiful country? Try Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua has hundreds of beaches (365 gorgeous beaches to be more exact), one for every day of the year. If you are someone who is looking for white sand beaches and crystal blue waters, Antigua & Barbuda might just be your’e calling. There is a sailing community and a growing expat community in Antigua and Barbuda, where the main industry is tourism and financial services.

Applicants may choose to obtain Antiguan Citizenship by either making a contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF) or purchasing Government-approved real estate, or investing in a pre-approved business when submitting an application. 

Interested in an Antigua and Barbuda citizenship? J.H. Malrin can help you!

The Routes to Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

There are different options for acquiring Antigua citizenship which include either; making a donation, investing in a business, investing in real estate or making a donation to the University fund.


Cash Donation Option (Most popular choice):


Pre-Approved Real Estate purchase

* For further information about real estate projects under the property investment option / joint investment, please consult us.


Pre-Approved Business Investment:


Donation to the University of West Indies Fund:

Under all these options there are additional due diligence fees, government processing fees, passport fees, legal fees. 

What are the main advantages of becoming a citizen by investing in Antigua and Barbuda?





Requirements for an Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Application

  1. Principal applicant must be 18 years or older
  2. Must have a high and sustainable net worth
  3. Must be in good health
  4. Applicants must be deemed of decent character and have a clean criminal record
  5. Cannot be under sanctions, restrictions or bans to enter EU countries or countries where Antigua has visa free travel to 

Procedure for Citizenship by Investment Application Process

Antigua citizenship application process: One can expect that the application process for citizenship by investment in Antigua and Barbuda includes the following:

  1. Clients contact JH Marlin Law
  2. Initial due diligence checks are performed to determine eligibility
  3. Client agreement is signed, and retainer is paid
  4. Applicants choose the qualifying investment option best suited to them with the help of our team
  5. Files are prepared and required documents are collected
  6. Application for citizenship and corresponding documents submitted to the Antigua citizenship by investment unit, along with 10% of the NDF fee ($3000) and a sale agreement if applicable (for real estate investors)
  7. Application is approved in 3-4 months. A letter of approval “approval in principle” is issued by the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Unit
  8. On approval the client will make payment of the investment of USD to the Antigua citizenship by investment unit
  9. After payment is received the client will receive a citizenship certificate
  10. If successful, applicants are required to taken a Oath of Allegiance in person at an Antiguan Embassy, High Commission, or a Consular office within a certain time period
  11. Passport and Citizenship documents are issued. The mailing address will be confirmed with you prior to shipping any documents. 

Why work with JH Marlin to become an Antigua and Barbuda citizen by investment?

JH Marlin Law has helped clients choose the citizenship program that is right for them for years.

As an experienced licensed agent for citizenship, we can do a detailed analysis of your personal circumstances and provide further information about different citizenship by investment options and corresponding processing times.  We will assist you with all the required citizenship documents for you to have a successful application and coordinate with any other parties or local agents involved in the process. 

JH Marlin Law has handled hundreds of citizenship applications. We can help you throughout the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment

We have helped dozens of clients invest in a second passport from Antigua and Barbuda. Most clients choose the investment donation route, but ultimately we can assist with any option that you choose. All applications must be lodged through a local authorized agent.

Please consult us to determine if you are from a restricted country.

  •   Afghanistan
  •   Iran
  •   North Korea
  •   Somalia
  •   Yemen
  •   Sudan
  •   Russia*


Provided you are from a restricted country you can still apply for citizenship, but you must ensure that you meet strict criteria.

– Individuals must have left their home country prior to the age of majority.

– Individuals must be a permanent resident in a country other than the restricted country for at least 10 years and must not have any economic ties to the restricted country

– Applicants must adhere to strict due diligence requirements and any additional requirements as outlined by the Antigua CIP


Citizenship by Investment Case Study #1.

Often when we have files that involve siblings, we tend to recommend the Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment program. Antigua & Barbuda citizenship by investment is the most friendly towards siblings as you can include a sibling of any age in your application provided that the sibling is not married and does not have children. The sibling of the main applicant also does not need to be financially dependent on the main applicant. Note that the sibling that is included in the application cannot pass on the citizenship to future children or a future spouse.

We will provide you with a complete list of documents specific to your case when you become a client. It is very important that you have a birth certificate (long format showing parents names), a current valid passport, a valid national ID (like a drivers license), a proof of address, bank statements showing proof of funds. 

We will provide you with all the application forms which include a medical form, signature form and more.

– A spouse can be included

– Children of the principal applicant or spouse who are below the age of 30 and financially dependent on the principal applicant. *Please consult us to see if you can include your adult children depending on your unique situation.

– A child of any age provided they are mentally or physically challenged and who is financially dependent on the principal applicant and living with the principal applicant

– Parents or grandparents (above the age of 55) of the principal applicant who are financially dependent on the principal applicant

– An unmarried sibling (who is childless) of the main applicant or spouse. Note the sibling can be of any age and does not need to be financially dependent on the main applicant or spouse.

– A future spouse of the principal applicant (A CIU fee of US$50,000 is applicable )

– Dependent children can add a future spouse provided that they are financially dependent on the main applicant.

– A future child a a dependent child (A CIU fee of US$10,000 is applicable)

A child is either a biological child or child that has been legally adopted.

– Ability to include a sibling of any age provided they are not married and do not have children. Unlike other CBI programs, the sibling does not need to be financially dependent on the main applicant or spouse.

– Passport with High level of visa free travel

– Tax favourable country

There is no limit to the number of persons per application. You can include as many family members as you wish provided that they qualify.

No. The most affordable passports for single applicants are Saint Lucia and Dominica. Antigua is one of the most affordable options for families.

You can be denied Antiguan citizenship provided:

– you are a national security risk

– you would cause disrepute to the overall integrity of the CBI program

– you are currently under criminal investigation

There are minimal rejection risks provided you declare everything prior to making an application for citizenship.

Antigua has been voted one of the Best Caribbean Countries for living! The atmosphere is laid back and peaceful.

There is no capital gains tax, wealth, gift or inheritance tax.

It really depends on your unique situation. Provided you feel comfortable in an application declaring your entire net worth and providing financial documents to support this, then Antigua could be a well suited program for its numerous advantages.

Passports are valid for a 5-year period, meaning you need to renew your passport every five years similar to passport renewal in countries like Canada and the United States.

The citizenship by investment process requires a lot of documents. The best thing you can do to facilitate the process is follow instructions and respond to messages within a timely manner.

Antigua & Barbuda requires a personal visit for 5 days in the first 5 years of acquiring citizenship. This five days residency requirement 

There is no public list of people who did the Antigua citizenship programme. 

General information about Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua & Barbuda, formerly known as ‘Wadadli’ and ‘Wa’omoni’ respectively, were first inhabited by the Guanahatabey people, the Arawaks, and the Caribs. Then, In 1493 Christopher Columbus came across the islands and originally claimed them for Spain but it was not until a century later that the British established the first European settlements on Antigua. 

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth state located in the Eastern Caribbean. Antigua relies heavily on tourism and financial services. Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the United Nations, CARICOM, the British Commonwealth and the Organisation of American States (OAS) among several other international organisations.

Since gaining its independence from Great Britain in November of 1981, Antigua has emerged as an international travel and shopping hub and very recently a pioneer in crypto exchange in the region. Barbuda in contrast accounts for only 1,600 of the 99,000 people that inhabit the two islands but is home to two of the most exclusive and prestigious resort hotels in the Caribbean. Antigua & Barbuda offer luxury tropical living and international accessibility with varied investment options.


Fast Facts:

Location: 17.1° N & 61.8° W | Lesser Antilles, West Indies (Caribbean)

Size: 440 km2

Population: 99 k

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollars | USD is also accepted

Government: Democratic Parliamentary

Economy: Tourism | Telecommunications | Financial Services

Language: English

Religion: Christian | Multi-denominational

Culture: Vibrant | Foreigner-Friendly | Tech-Friendly

Cost of Living: Moderate to High | Tax-Friendly

Quality of Life: Accessibility | Relaxed | Freedom

What are some of the best beaches in Antigua?

Here are some of the best beaches of Antigua & Barbuda

– Dickenson Bay

A few miles north of the cruise ship terminal is this stretch of popular beach displaying all-inclusive resorts and bustling with activity. It’s the best beach to socialize while enjoying an array of watersport activities or indulging at a beachside restaurant. 

– Fort James Beach

Overlooked by the old Fort James sugar mill is this less crowded strip of white sand in the sun. Just a short walk from the quay terminal it is popular with cruise ship passengers.

– The Hawksbill Beaches

A collection of 4 strands of beaches is found on the peninsula where the Five Island Village is located. 3 of these beaches are accessed via the Hawksbill by Rex resort including the only nude sunbathing beach in Antigua.

– Ffryes Beach

Head to the west coast to visit this moderately popular beach. The beach merges at the center into a gem-shaped dollop of land that juts off into the sea. Families are fond of this sandy treasure and it’s also the location of some of the island’s best barbecue spots.

– Rendezvous Bay Beach

This secret beach is accesible only from the water and caresses a raw stretch of land on the south side of the island. Lined with palm trees and gorgeous blonde sand it is the perfect place for a clandestine rendezvous as the name implies.

– Pigeon Point Beach

Nestled between two natural brights: Falmouth Harbour and English Harbour, this beach sees a lot of traffic. When you’ve had your fill of watching luxury yachts wading in the ocean, head over to the historical Nelson’s Dockyard for more site seeing.

– Half Moon Bay

This crescent-shaped swath of coastal land is all about the look with cobalt waters lapping at the pristine white sand. Snorkelers and body surfers are particularly fond of the extreme ends of the cove leaving the middle open to uninterrupted views of paradise.

– Long Bay Beach

An ideal snorkel destination, this colorful beach has sights above and below the warm wet surface.  Along the beach, you will find a walk of beach huts of varying colors, a resort, and an Italian restaurant awaiting you after observing schools of tropical fish that call the bay home.

– Pink Sand Beach

This demure stretch of pink sandy beach is the main attraction on Barbuda. It gets its color from the microscopic pieces of shell and coral from the reefs surrounding the island.  Home to an A-class luxury resort this beach is a natural psychedelic wonder.

– Jabberwock Beach

This windy slither of beach is great fun for kiteboarders and windsurfers.  Located on the north-eastern side of Antigua between Cedar Grove and Camp Blizzard the site is caressed by invigorating trade winds that travel parallel to the sandy coast.

– Darkwood beach

A short ride from the Capital city of St. John is one of the largest beaches of Antigua with views of neighboring islands of Montserrat and Guadeloupe. It is home to a reef and is a popular snorkel site for cruise ship passengers.

– Deep Bay Beach

The waters at this beach are the deepest you will find on the island so you can expect a calm ebb and flow as you swim in the warm ocean. The beach is the location of another grand resort and accesses a hiking trail that leads you to the historical Fort Barrington.

Antigua is simply an island paradise with hundreds of beaches. Oprah Winfrey loves the island of Barbuda for its tranquility and natural beauty.The beaches of Antigua & Barbuda are definitely their highlight and whether you’re on a full-blown vacation or an investor on your yearly check-in there is always an opportunity to enjoy one of their many pristine beaches.

List of countries where Antigua has visa-free access or visa on arrival access


  •   Botswana
  •   Cape Verde*
  •   Comoros*
  •   Djibouti*
  •   Egypt*
  •   Gambia
  •   Guinea-Bissau*
  •   Lesotho*
  •   Madagascar
  •   Malawi*
  •   Mauritania*
  •   Mauritius
  •   Mozambique*
  •   Seychelles
  •   South Africa
  •   Swaziland
  •   Tanzania
  •   Togo*
  •   Uganda
  •   Zambia
  •   Zimbabwe



  •   Bahamas
  •   Barbados
  •   Belize
  •   Bolivia*
  •   Brazil
  •   Chile
  •   Colombia
  •   Costa Rica
  •   Cuba
  •   Dominica Republic
  •   Dominica
  •   Ecuador
  •   El Salvador
  •   Grenada
  •   Guatemala
  •   Guyana
  •   Haiti
  •   Honduras
  •   Jamaica
  •   Nicaragua
  •   Panama
  •   Peru
  •   St. Kitts & Nevis
  •   St. Lucia
  •   St. Vincent & The
  •   Grenadines
  •   Suriname
  •   Trinidad and Tobago
  •   Venezuela



  •   Armenia
  •   Bangladesh*
  •   Brunei
  •   Cambodia*
  •   Hong Kong*
  •   Indonesia
  •   Iran*
  •   Jordan*
  •   Laos*
  •   Lebanon
  •   Macau*
  •   Malaysia*
  •   Maldives
  •   Nepal*
  •   Palestinian Territories
  •   Philippines
  •   Singapore
  •   South Korea


  •   Albania
  •   Andorra
  •   Austria
  •   Belgium
  •   Bosnia & Herzegovina
  •   Bulgaria
  •   Croatia
  •   Czech Republic
  •   Cyprus
  •   Denmark
  •   Estonia
  •   Finland
  •   France
  •   Georgia
  •   Germany
  •   Greece
  •   Hungary
  •   Iceland
  •   Ireland (Rep.)
  •   Italy
  •   Latvia
  •   Lithuania
  •   Liechtenstein
  •   Luxembourg
  •   Macedonia (FROM)
  •   Malta
  •   Monaco
  •   Montenegro
  •   Netherlands
  •   Norway
  •   Poland
  •   Portugal
  •   Romania
  •   San Marino
  •   Slovakia
  •   Slovenia
  •   Spain
  •   Sweden
  •   Switzerland
  •   Ukraine
  •   United Kingdom
  •   Vatican City



  •   Australia
  •   Bahrain
  •   Cote D’ivoire (Ivory
  •   Coast)
  •   Gabon
  •   India
  •   Kenya
  •   Rwanda
  •   Sao Tome and Principe
  •   Senegal
  •   Sri Lanka
  •   Turkey



  •   Fiji
  •   Kiribati
  •   Micronesia
  •   Palau
  •   Samoa
  •   Solomon Isl.*
  •   Timor-Leste
  •   Tuvalu
  •   Vanuatu


* Visa on arrival


The list of countries is subject to change depending on each government’s policy including access to each country

JH Marlin Law has helped clients complete Economic Citizenship programs all around the world. Please reach out to us for more information or with questions you may have.