Are citizenship by investment programs worth it?

JH Marlin Law is a leading citizenship by investment law firm that helps clients acquire a second passport through citizenship by investment. We also provide residency by investment services. This can help clients legally reduce their taxes, among other benefits. If you’re someone from a country where there’s wealth taxes or a high level of tax, you could relocate and become a non-resident of your home country. This would allow you to potentially become a resident or citizen of a low or no tax country.

During Covid-19, there were many travel restrictions and bans so a lot of people started  getting interested in citizenship by investment programs. For example, Dominica was the only citizenship program that allowed people to travel to South Korea during covid versus other countries that normally had visa-free to South Korea.  

Depending on the country, there were different covid-19 bans. This gave individuals with a second passport an advantage when it came to traveling. Apart from this, individuals that participate in citizenship by investment programs benefit from diversification in terms of doing business locally in the country, opening bank accounts, and just having additional business opportunities. Citizenship also allows them to eventually, depending on the program, pass the citizenship on to future generations via descent. 

What are citizenship by investment programs? 

Citizenship by investment programs otherwise known as second passport programs allow individuals the right to acquire an alternative citizenship by investing money in a country. Many countries in the world have some form of investment migration legislation in place.

Although traditional methods of obtaining a second citizenship, such as by birth, descent or marriage, are available, there are a significant number of people who do not meet these conditions to qualify for citizenship. For them citizenship by investment ensures freedom of mobility and financial security. Citizenship by Investment programs operate to strengthen a nation’s economy by injecting foreign direct investment, while giving applicants the gift of citizenship. 

Investment pathways vary from country to country, although most favor providing a choice between a contribution to a development from a government-managed national fund or purchase of real estate. Government bonds are also a prevalent alternative, as is the purchase of corporations.

Why obtain a second citizenship?

Examples of countries that offer citizenship by investment programs

Why consider investing in a second passport?

Depending on the country in which you decide to invest in, citizenship by investment programs can provide you with considerable returns.

More freedom

A second citizenship is the key to freedom of movement. It is a tool for individuals actively seeking to improve their standing with their government and the international community. Many people are realizing the importance of a second citizenship and are looking for routes to alternative citizenship.

The idea of ​​traveling without having to obtain a visa avoids the hassles associated with arranging for business or social travel. A good example of this is Chile, which allows visa-free access to all of Latin America and Russia as well. If you feel a desire to seek a change of scenery after the pandemic, perhaps now is the best time to evaluate your options and take the initiative. With the rapid development of world economies and markets, the number of people wanting to relocate will only grow.

Dual nationality as an investment strategy

Investing in an alternative citizenship or permanent residence in another country assures entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors greater mobility, freedoms, and opportunities for their business and families. Entrepreneurs or business-oriented people who are looking for stable and secure economies to invest or establish a branch of their business in, have an ally in JH Marlin Law, as we provide solutions to your needs. If you are looking for tax benefits for your business, the Caribbean countries of St. Kitts & Nevis as well as Antigua & Barbuda are great citizenship by investment program options.

Personal security

One of the things that people with purchasing power look for is the possibility of moving their family to a place where they don’t have to worry about their safety when going about their daily lives. Additionally, many businessmen, leaders and prominent individuals see an alternative second passport as the best life insurance money can buy. 

Additional benefits of citizenship by investment programs

  • Visa-free travel
  • Lifetime citizenship
  • No need to reside in country of citizenship
  • Protection under government’s citizenship law
  • Tax advantages potentially
  • Business relocation incentives and advantages
  • Potential to pass on one’s citizenship to future generations by descent
  • Diverse choice of investments (depending on the program)
  • Often right to work, live and reside in country
  • Often no minimum level of English required
  • Often no education or business experience required
  • Often access to healthcare and education
  • Etc. 

How to apply for a second passport

If you’re interested in gaining dual citizenship or obtaining residency in a country other than your home country, JH Marlin Law is your best ally. Over the years, our team has helped hundreds of clients acquire a second passport in different countries around the world. We offer Canadian and Caribbean legal expertise which includes citizenship by investment (immigration), residency by investment, corporate commercial law, and real estate services. 

Here are the benefits of working with us: 

  • Nearly 100% success rate
  • Helped clients in over 45 countries
  • Confidentiality maintained
  • Testimonials available from top entrepreneurs
  • Experienced and trusted advisors and legal experts
  • Well priced compared to competitors
  • Dedicated, responsive, supportive
  • Cryptocurrency accepted

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